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Diaper dermatitis - Candida-associated

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Candida, flourescent stain
Candida, flourescent stain
Diaper rash
Diaper rash

Alternative Names    Return to top

Dermatitis - diaper and Candida; Candida-associated diaper dermatitis

Definition    Return to top

Candida-associated diaper dermatitis is an infection of the skin beneath an infant's diaper. It is caused by yeasts (Candida organisms).

Causes    Return to top

Diaper rashes caused by infection with Candida species are very common in children. Candida is found everywhere in the environment, and takes advantage of the warm, moist area under a diaper to cause infections on the skin.

The infection may begin as a very red patch with irregular (but sharp) borders. Smaller red patches can spread out from the original border and blend in with the larger patch. The rash may spread to include the entire area covered by the diaper, including the scrotum and penis in boys, and the labia and vagina in girls.

Candidal diaper rashes can be associated with oral candidiasis, or thrush. In this case, the oral infection must also be treated.

Symptoms    Return to top

Exams and Tests    Return to top

Candidal diaper dermatitis can be diagnosed by examination alone because the rash has a unique appearance. The KOH test can confirm a Candida diagnosis.

Treatment    Return to top

Topical antifungal skin creams and ointments will clear up infections caused by yeast. Miconazole and clotrimazole are available over-the-counter.

Prescription antifungals include:

Outlook (Prognosis)    Return to top

The rash usually responds well to treatment.

Possible Complications    Return to top

Complications from Candida-associated diaper rash can include:

When to Contact a Medical Professional    Return to top

If your baby has a diaper rash that doesn't respond to home treatment, you should have the baby examined by your health care provider.

Prevention    Return to top

It can be hard to prevent Candida infections, because these organisms are in the environment. Using highly absorbent disposable diapers to keep the skin dry reduces the chance of getting an infection. Changing the diaper soon after the baby urinates or passes stool also can help prevent infection.

Update Date: 8/15/2007

Updated by: Rachel A. Lewis, MD, FAAP, Columbia University Pediatric Faculty Practice, New York, NY. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network.

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