How to Accept That He's Just Not That Into You

Sometimes, we just have to accept that the guy we like doesn't like us back. When you find yourself wondering, "Why isn't he calling? Why doesn't he care?" it's time to move on to the other fish in the sea--there are plenty of them. As much as it hurts, you have to face the reality that he's just not that into you--and then move on.


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    Be honest with yourself. The good way to cope with the pain is to not lie to yourself like you don't care at all. Just accept the truth that you thought wrong and you got hurt but it's all going to be okay. The way you deal with your loss is part of who you are, what made you you
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    Get to know the truth. Some say that waiting is the most important part in relationships. But sometimes, waiting will fray your nerves. You walk back and forth in your room staring at the phone which may never ring; You don't know which kind of songs to listen because you don't know you should be happy or sad. So, get the truth. Don't go and ask, "Do you like me, or will you ever do in this life? though you really want to know. Guess the possibility in his words with your true mind without any wishes or hopes. Ask something in romance zone and see how he responds. Just because he doesn't call you for a short time, maximum 3 days, don't jump in the conclusion and rush into another guy.
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    Don't push him away by coming too strong. Don't call him first, text him sometimes if you don't want to lose contact at all. If he doesn't like you in first month, there's no way for you to drive him there after that so, be fast if you think you have some techniques to make him like you. Whatever you are trying, just don't show your mind to him; guys don't like that and they don't respect that kind of girl. Play it cool. Sometimes you want to give him nothing but honesty but if you can wait and swallow your feelings, you may have longer time to give all your honesty.
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    After doing some tests and you can't deny that he really doesn't like you, it's time to cope with the pain. You have to forgive yourself, you are saying "Why did I even think that I might have a shot, he is out of my league, guys like him will never like me!" Hey, you are not a fool, you are just a human being, you are just a girl. We feel, we hope, it's in our nature...Forgive yourself because you never meant to hurt yourself.
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    Move On. Life moves on everyday, don't lock yourself in your room, watch some movies, go shopping, playing games, meet with friends. Most important, look at other guys. You will see that the one that breaks your heart isn't even that hot. There are a lot of other fish in the sea! The best way to forget someone is a good distraction, someone to replace.
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    Before you jump into another guy, there's something you have to do. Say to yourself, "I am not hoping to meet the one. I am not dreaming to be in a fairy tale, and I am already complete. I don't need a guy to be happy." And if you find the Rebound guy, get to know his type first before falling head over heels.
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    Now you are looking at your beautiful friend and thinking, 'If I were her, he would definitely like me" - well, if you really know about a person, you would know that nobody's perfect and that beautiful may have her own drama. You are perfect just the way you are; you are the most important person in your life. Build a life that you can be proud of and don't let any guy judge your value. Love yourself before loving anyone else!


  • Don't think too much. Just move on. There are a lot of other guys out there!
  • You can take as a lesson, and remember how you cope that in this time.
  • Remember, he wasn't worth your time anyway.


  • Don't let the world know your loss.
  • Don't get drunk and call him, and say something rash, like, "Why don't you like me?"

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