How to Access the Deep Web

Two Methods:Accessing the Deep Web at the LibraryAccessing the Deep Web Using Tor

Deep Web is a term for all of the content on the Internet that is not indexed by search engines. These include pages that are behind password protection, pages that aren't linked to by other pages, pages that don't let search engines index them, and content that's generated dynamically when a page loads.[1] This article describes some of the ways that you can access deep Web content.

Method 1
Accessing the Deep Web at the Library

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    Go to your town's public library Website. In a search engine, type the name of your town, and then type public library.
    • You will an active library card to use the public library's deep Web resources.
    • If you're a student at a college or university, you will have access to the library's deep Web resources.
    • If you don't have a library card, you can usually get one free at any branch of your local public library.
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    Find deep Web resources. On the library Website, look for links that say things like Research, Online Resources, or Databases, and then click a link that seems similar to that.
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    In the list of resources, look for one that's related to what you're looking for, and then click the link.
    • Before you can access library resources, you'll probably need to login with your library card.
    • Typically, a library's resources will connect you to collections of online scientific journals and full-text articles and other local government resources.

Method 2
Accessing the Deep Web Using Tor

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    Download the Tor browser. Click here to go to the Tor Website, and download the Tor browser.
    • Tor is a communication tool that lets people share information with greater security and privacy than on the open Web.[2]
    • Tor won't provide you a list of deep Web sites, but it will let you access any sites that are encrypted using Tor.
    • Tor is used for many different things. It makes it easier for whistleblowers to share information anonymously. It also makes it easier for individuals to share illegal information.
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    Install the Tor browser. Once you've downloaded the Tor installation file, install it as you would other software on your computer.
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    Open the Tor browser. You can user the Tor browser to browse the Web as you normally would. Your browser use will be anonymized through the Tor protocol. When you reach a Website anonymized by Tor, you will be able to access it.
    • Sites may load more slowly, because you're bouncing your Web requests through the Tor protocol.[3]
    • Web pages that use browser plugins such as Adobe Flash won't work, because the Flash plugin would defeat the purpose of using the Tor browser.[4]

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