How to Act Cool and Dangerous

If you've ever wanted to give the impression that you are not a good person to have as an enemy or you would like to be able to walk into a room and cause total silence to fall, then perhaps you may need a few helpful hints to get started.


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    Look your best, look the part. No one who looks cool or dangerous pulls it off by wearing the wrong clothes. You don't need to go overboard and buy designer heels, an expensive leather jacket or the kind of suit James Bond wears to get the right look.
    • Most cool-and-dangerous people wear dark clothes, but they don't need to be expensive. Black jeans, t-shirts, boots, shoes and faux leather jackets can be bought almost anywhere, look into second hand and thrift stores to find unique pieces.
    • Concentrate on having your hair styled well. Think rock-n-roll, rock-a-billy, or punk for inspiration. Dark browns and black hair can add to your mystic.
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    Wear makeup. Make-up is a key component of a dark, dangerous look if you are a girl. Smokey eyes with winged liner and red lipstick is one example.
    • Red lips always makes your face pop, but make sure your lipstick goes with your skin tone and hair.
    • There is a fine line between dangerous and goth, watch for too dark of lipstick and too pale of face. When in doubt always use a light touch.
    • Dark eyeliner and eye shadow will also complement your look.
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    Act dangerous without being dangerous. You may think that carrying a weapon, drinking too much, taking drugs or driving too fast are all hallmarks of being cool and dangerous, but they don't, they make you look immature and unintelligent. Holding yourself with confidence projects a much better image.
    • Similarly, just because everyone else is drinking too much or take drugs doesn't mean you have to in order to look cool. In fact you will look more cool by saying no and not following the crowd.
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    Keep your thoughts to yourself. This doesn't mean you don't talk- it means think about your response or your opinion before speaking. Not only does this give you time to think and develop, but it also means that you are more likely to come up with a response that is well thought out and more coherent. Your silence also adds an air of mystery to you. A considered response sounds more impressive than a petty remark.
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    Be confident.
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    Practice your elocution. No Bond villain, no master of devious plots, ever spoke with an Essex accent. A clipped, cut-glass accent will automatically make you sound cultured, refined and ever-so-slightly terrifying, depending on where you are.
    • You can always add a slight accent to make it appear as though you come from a foreign country but are just that good at English. Also develop your public speaking skills- there's no point looking the part if you can't act it as well.
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    Develop your presence and a penetrating stare. With a bit of practice, it will be possible to make the room go silent when you walk into it. Remember, only try it once you have eye contact and don't try to come across aggressive; rather, be cool and calculating, not openly hostile. Give the impression that you are assessing the room.
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    Don't load yourself down with jewelry. Some is fine, but go too far and you'll end up looking more like a rapper then a villain.
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    Name drop. You can always mention in passing that you know people in the aristocracy, the SAS, the FBI, the Increment, MI5, or the KGB.
    • Don't do it too often or people will know that you are faking it.
    • Don't tell people you know celebrities, they may be cool but certainly aren't dangerous.
    • Never be too specific. Just give the impression of having shady contacts.
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    Find a role model. James Bond, Jack Sparrow, Jace Wayland, Aragorn, or Robin Hood are good examples. Study these characters and work out what it is that makes them cool and dangerous, whether they give the impression that they can hold their own in a fight, look good in a tux, shoot arrows around corners or always have a come back.
    • For girls, there are always characters like Hermione, Lara Croft, Katniss Everdeen, Clary, and Arya (The Inheritance Cycle) to emulate. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery
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    Work on your strengths. Whether it's sports, public speaking or charisma, focus on strengthening the things you are naturally good at.
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    Come up with a catchphrase. Be original, avoid using cliches.Don't drop it into every conversation, use only when appropriate to avoid wearing it out.
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    Learn another language. It always looks good if you can whip out your phone and start talking in another language to a mysterious contact.
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    Practice in the mirror. Practice expressions, gestures and even lines by imagining possible scenarios. Practice walking into a room and flinging yourself gracefully across the sofa. Remember to keep your gestures confident and open, not cramped, which will make you look uncomfortable.
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    Keep it up. Over time you will truly become your persona and you will be able to roll out of bed and be cool and dangerous without trying.


  • The style is important. Don't worry if you haven't got it yet, style is something that develops over time.
    • Style doesn't just apply to fashion, it can be the way you swing your coat onto your shoulders, a particular pose you sit in or simply the fact that you smile is rarely seen yet beautiful.
  • Confidence is key. If you act like you are cool and dangerous, over time people will begin to believe that you are.
  • Develop a power base. You can be a lone ranger or part of a pack, but showing that you have followers and that you have back-up adds considerable power to your claim to coolness.


  • Smoking, drinking excessively, speeding and taking drugs don't make you cool or dangerous. They make you a follower of stupid trends. Start your own trend of resistance.

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