How to Act Like the Greek Goddess Artemis

Three Parts:Dressing like ArtemisDeveloping Artemis' attitudeBehaving like Artemis

Artemis (or Diana, in her Roman version) is the Greek goddess of the moon, the hunt, young girls and wild animals. It is no wonder that you want to be like her.

Part 1
Dressing like Artemis

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    Wear comfortable and sporty clothes. Try to stick to a color-scheme of grey and silver (silver is her symbolic color). Add moon accessories (for example, a necklace).
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    Maintain good hygiene practices. Artemis is supposed to be beautiful so take care of yourself (she is not vain, though). If you wear makeup, do it naturally or try a little silver eyeshadow. Otherwise, simply be clean or be natural.

Part 2
Developing Artemis' attitude

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    Adopt Artemis' attitude. Artemis is very mysterious and quiet. This doesn't mean that you can't have any friends but make sure they are close and you can trust them. She enjoys solitude; learn to enjoy being alone without feeling lonely.
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    Have courage. Artemis is not afraid of anything and has a tough attitude. She is pretty intelligent as well.
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    Love nature. Naturally, get involved with environmental organisations. Try joining Greenpeace, for example. You can also get a pet, like a dog. Also respect nature (don't trample on plants, don't throw trash on the ground, take your bike instead of the car etc.).

Part 3
Behaving like Artemis

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    Take up archery. Artemis' weapons are her bows and arrows so you should definitely take it up. Maybe you can even get your own bow and arrows but don't tell other people that they are "mythical" or anything like it. That is not a very Artemis-like thing to do.
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    Be respectful towards males but keep your distance. Artemis was quite hostile towards males. However, this is not recommended; do not be unnecessarily rude to men, seeing that you're not actually an all-powerful goddess. Instead, be respectful and simply keep your distance and don't be fooled by their wiles.
    • Artemis is chaste, so at least consider not having any male friends or a boyfriend.
    • If you are a teen, remember that teenage boys are still immature and they are not worthy of your time. Focus more on yourself and more important things in life.
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    Love the night. Know everything there is to know about the moon, for Artemis is the goddess of the moon. Study all the constellations' it's not impossible to learn all of them. Learn a lot about stars, their cycles, read quick facts, watch documentaries to help, etc. Basically. know a lot of facts about the night and embrace your love for it.


  • Be helpful. Artemis helps other people and is aware of the environment
  • Learn how to defend yourself. Artemis is very strong and independent.
  • Consider growing out your hair really long (this seems very natural). But if you do, take good care of it and get a trim regularly.
  • Never overdo it or go to extreme measures.
  • Artemis and Athena have similar personality traits, so keep that in mind.
  • Wear a braid in your hair, as Artemis might.
  • Be quiet.
  • Don't seem to be obsessed about beauty and looks. Artemis is concerned about nature and animals, not about beauty.
  • Try different hobbies, such as writing poetry or playing music.


  • Don't become a loner. Artemis actually had a group of young female huntresses that acted as her companions and handmaidens.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, treat your friends as handmaidens. They are friends not servants.
  • Do not be rude to boys and men. Just because Artemis hated them, it does not mean that she treated them badly. Treat them with respect.
  • Don't be too obvious about your style. You don't want to seem like a poser.

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