How to Act Mysteriously

Do you want to act mysteriously? Do you want to be suspicious? Well, here is your destination! Sometimes, acting mysterious will add fun to your somewhat mundane life. Through this, you may be able to attract unexpected people into your life by making them curious about you. You may also be able to discover a side of you that you never once knew.


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    When people ask you what you're doing, simply smile and go on with your business. If they proceed further, then ask why it is their concern. Be careful here- some people may take this as being rude.
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    Being mysterious is not about abandoning who you are, nor changing your interests. It is about being discrete in whatever you do. One of the best ways to be mysterious is to never reveal your identity to the person you want to appear mysterious to. This also prevents any disappointment later on.
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    Don't confuse being mysterious with being mean. If you're saying 'nothing' when someone asks you what you're doing, don't say 'none of your business' or stuff like that. You're friend might think that you are mad at them or don't like them anymore. It could hurt their feelings. Being mysterious means to create an atmosphere of suspense, making people want to figure you out, rather than pushing them away.
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    Often just read a book or draw. Don't skip rope or go play football or something like that. If you're going swimming or ice skating, simply go around just floating or looking about. Playing on rafts or using a bar to skate aren't very clever ways to make people think you're all that mysterious.
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    Definitely don't laugh or smile a lot. If something seems a little bit amusing, you're limit is a mere grin or smirk, as if thinking 'that was dumb'. Laughing makes people think you're an open person, and you don't want that, now, do you?
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    When you are outside, wear sunglasses all the time. Buy a pair for every day of the week, but don't wear the same pair on the same days. Always switch them up, this will confuse people a little bit.
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    If you are at a social gathering, don't stay too long. Otherwise the people will get used to you being with them and realize that there is nothing that mysterious about you after all.
    • Be polite but brief in conversations. Don't make small talk or speak about shallow subjects. When you have something to say, make it truly meaningful and something that people will remember. Only respond to small talk or mindless chatter if asked a question or being spoken to. If you are in a shallow conversation and you have nothing to say, don't hang around. Tell them that you have somewhere else to be.
    • Always look like you are looking for something. Don't overdo it though. Look like you have a primary source of focus and they might get interested to finding out what you are absorbed in.
    • Don't be afraid of being different, but always limit the amount of information you give to people, the emotions you show to people and the interests you have. If someone is going to find out about one of your deep interests or passions, let them find out by them seeing you doing that thing, rather then you telling them that you like that thing. Actions speak louder than words.
    • While acting mysterious, avoid acting suspicious and learn the difference between the two looks because you don't want to make people think you are a criminal or a creep.
    • Being mysterious isn't about confusing people. It's about not revealing your whole self to people unless you are close with them. Confusing people with different clothing, styles, looks, etc will only make people think you have a wide range of style and personality. It is better to go narrower and deeper in your personality than it is to go broader and more shallow.
    • That being said, be yourself and never change who you truly are just to look mysterious. Being mysterious can fit in with and personality or lifestyle. It is just about being limited about what you reveal to people you don't know all that well.


  • Laughing will make people think you're open, not mysterious.
  • If you talk a lot, you might just be throwing away the whole fa├žade. Don't do that!
  • One of the best ways to act mysterious is to never reveal your true identity. Or to assume many different identities. Think of yourself as an undercover with a mission, like in a movie. Once you reveal yourself, it's over. People will lose interest in you.
  • Also to act more mysterious wear headphones or ear buds goes with the style.
  • Be a loner. When someone says "why are lonely?" or "Why are you always alone?" Just say "Why are you talking to me?" or " does it concern you?" Just act mysterious, and always keep your aura darker.


  • Being too mysterious could make people -- especially your parents -- think that you're up to something not good. Keep it low, and don't go overboard.
  • Don't change suddenly if people know that you are quite confident or open then they will know something's up
  • People could start thinking you don't like them anymore and stop bothering you and ignore you and move on even. If you want to keep your friends, don't do this for a very long period. It's not worth being a loner, even if it is fun.

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