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How to Act on a Movie Date

Two Methods:How to Initiate KissingThings to Remember Before You Head Out

Movie dates are a great way to spend time together without the added pressure of making deep conversation. To make your date even more of a breeze, here are a few guidelines on how you should act as well as strategies for initiating kissing.


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    Show up early. Giving yourself 10 or more extra minutes is not only a respectful gesture, but also useful if you want to find good seats.
    • If your date is late, keep your cool. Head to a nearby coffee shop if you know you have the time, but don’t order anything that will give you bad breath. Whatever you do, don’t scold your date for being tardy; it will kill the mood. Keep in mind though, you were early. If they are 20 minutes late, that's half an hour you have been hanging around all together. Being late is rude and shows a lack of consideration and ability to plan unless it's completely unavoidable.
    • Scolding your date would be a mood killer, but don't just act like nothing happened. Ask why they are late and if you have another date, don't tolerate them being late again.
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    Say hi to your date with a hug. If it’s appropriate, throw in a brief kiss while you’re at it.
    • This will mainly apply to female dates. Try to compliment your date casually like "You look nice" rather than going over the top with things like "I like your dress". There's nothing wrong with complimenting your date's clothing but they want to know that you like their whole look, not just one thing they put on.
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    Choose the movie carefully. A romantic comedy is cute and will encourage kissing and intimacy, but could seem a little much for a first date. Comedy will diffuse tension and relax you and is a good choice for people moving from friendship to romance. Horror movies are exciting and since you're scared, you're able to snuggle together and break the touch barrier. Keep in mind both of your own personal tastes and look in to reviews and ratings beforehand.
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    If you want something to eat, get Junior Mints! They won't get stuck in your teeth like popcorn or give you bad breath like hotdogs. This is especially important if kissing is on the menu.
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    Don’t talk or text during the movie. Even if your date doesn’t think it’s rude, everyone else will.
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    If you want to initiate physical contact, start by holding hands. Make sure your hand is warm and dry, not cold or sweaty. Putting your hand under your leg for a few minutes is a great way to warm it up in a chilly theater.
    • Some girls like it when guys put an arm around them. However, if it’s a first date and the other couples around you are making out, putting your arm around her might make her think that you’re trying to make out, too.
    • Don't do anything that you aren't comfortable with regardless of what the people around you are up to.
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    When the movie is done, talk about it for a while. This is the perfect opportunity to make easy conversation and end the night on a personal note.
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    Be sure to thank your date. A good night kiss at the theater is sweet, but if you don't kiss on the first date then a thank you is the only thing needed.

Method 1
How to Initiate Kissing

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    Look into your date’s eyes. Hold your gaze a little longer than you’re used to but don’t stare.
    • Only try this during a non-essential moment of the movie. If your date is watching attentively, you might miss your chance.
    • Be sure you’ve already broken the touch barrier; kissing shouldn’t be attempted before things like handholding.
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    If your gaze is returned, lean closer. Your body language will let your date know that a kiss is in order.
    • If your gaze isn’t returned, just smile and look back at the movie. Don’t give up hope yet; your date might just be nervous.
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    If your date leans closer, move in for the kiss. Starting off with a closed-mouth kiss is a safe bet; it’s better to leave them wanting more than to scare them away with unexpected tongue.
    • If you panic at the last second and don’t move in for the kiss, just laugh it off and try again later. This will break the tension and keep the pressure off.
    • If you plan to kiss; you and your date might want to head to the back. Nothing ruins a moment more than getting ugly stares from the people around you

Method 2
Things to Remember Before You Head Out

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    Work out the travel arrangements in advance. Arrange a meeting place or a lift-share. This will help you get to the cinema on time!
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    Take a shower. Being on a date might make you nervous or sweaty, so showering ahead of time is your first line of defense.
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    Dress casually. Don't try too hard with your appearance, especially if this is your first date.
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    Don't forget to brush your teeth!
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    Bring enough money. At the very least, you should be able to cover the cost of your own ticket and snacks, but it’s better to bring too much than too little, especially in case you decide to go somewhere else after the movie.
    • Be prepared for the possibility that you will have to pay for your date – whether as a gesture or because (s)he forgot to bring money.
    • Having cash on hand is a good idea, since some places don’t accept debit/credit cards.
    • Consider bringing emergency funds; chances are you won’t have to use it, but if you do, it’ll make you seem reliable.


  • No matter what, bring gum or mints. It's better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.
  • If you wear makeup, don't overdo it! Just put on whatever is normal or your regular makeup routine.
  • At the theatre , try to hold hands with your date. Its comfy and cute .


  • Don't get anything that could stain your teeth/tongue (like lollipops) or get stuck in your teeth (like Milk Duds).
  • Try not to get popcorn, but if (s)he offers to buy you some it would be rude to turn it down. Just accept graciously.

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