How to Add an Email Signature in Entourage

Signatures are a smart way to close an email. They save you time through not having to type out your contact information in every email you send, and they look professional. You can also use them for fun by including jokes or witty quotations in your signature. Different email clients handle the addition of a signature differently, and by following these steps, you can learn how to add an email signature in Entourage.


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    Open Microsoft Entourage. Do this either by clicking on the program's icon on your dock or by finding the program in the "Applications" menu in "Finder."
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    Open the signature menu. Do this by first clicking on the "Tools" button on the menu bar, and then from the drop-down menu that appears choose "Signatures." Click on the button that reads "New" to build a new signature.
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    Create your signature. In the editing window that appears after you click the "New" button, you can build your new signature.
    • Give the signature a descriptive title. In the text box labeled "Name," type the name by which you want to refer to this signature. Example names might be "Company Contact Info" or "Witty Quotation 1." If you only plan to use 1 signature, you could simply name it "Signature."
    • Create the text of your signature. Type what you want your signature to say in the white text field. Good things to include are your name, your company title, your company's name and a phone number.
    • Format the text of your signature. Do this by using the formatting buttons located directly above the text field.
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    Save your signature. The signature you just created should be saved automatically when you close the editing window. You should see your new signature in the main "Signatures" menu.
    • If desired, create additional signatures. Repeat the process above to create as many signatures as you need. If you plan to use the option to randomly choose a signature, check the "random" check box in front of the appropriate signatures to include them in the selection.
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    Set Entourage to display your signature automatically. Displaying a signature automatically keeps you from having to choose your signature for every email you compose. The process is simple.
    • Click on "Tools" in the menu bar, and then click on "Accounts."
    • Double-click your email account to open the "Settings" menu.
    • Click on the "Options" tab.
    • In the drop-down menu that reads "Signature," select the signature you want to insert automatically. You can now close the window.
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    If you want to choose your signature manually, do so as you compose each email. There is an option in the composition window for choosing which signature to add. Choose the appropriate one and it will be inserted when you send the email.


  • Entourage does not support the use of HTML coding in signatures. However, there are several scripts available online that can help you bypass this limitation.
  • Make sure to use a common font in your signature to ensure your recipient will be able to see it as you intended. Safe font choices are Arial, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, Helvetica and Verdana.

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