How to Add New Users with Efficient Address Book Network

With Efficient Address Book Network, all users in one organization could share a same copy of data via LAN or WAN. Here is the instruction for you to add new users to share your data.


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    Operate Efficient Address Book Network, and connect to server as administrator.
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    Click File -> Users to enter user management window.
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    Click “Add” button directly. If the number of authorized user is full, the “Add” button will be disabled. If you still want to add a new user, please purchase another license on our official website. And then click “Registration Codes” button to input it and to add again.
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    After you add a new user successfully, send him or her details about connecting to server. So the new user could share your data on his or her own computer.


  • Before you connect to server, please exit your current file firstly. Just click File -> Close.
  • When other users input new information in this file, you can click “Refresh” button on Toolbar or press F5 to read it.

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