How to Add Shimmer to Fondant

Two Methods:Using Dusting Powder with a Liquid

When decorating cakes, a shiny fondant ribbon can add beauty and elegance to your creation. Creating this sheen on fondant is easy if you have the right tools and supplies. Here are the steps to add shimmer to fondant.


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    Buy an appropriate dusting powder to create your shiny fondant. Different types of dusts will produce different levels of shine for your rolled fondant. The grain size of certain dust powders may be larger than others.
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    Use a clean makeup brush, such as one for applying blush, to dust your fondant with powder. Other alternative brushes you can use are a small paintbrush or an airbrush.

Method 1
Using Dusting Powder with a Liquid

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    Pour about a 1/4 tsp. (1.25 ml) of dusting powder into a small bowl or cup. Do this carefully and try not to breathe or inhale the powder.
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    Use a small paintbrush, the kind used by artists, to mix the powder in the bowl or cup with a few drops of a clear alcoholic spirit or flavor extract. Vodka or gin can be used as well as clear vanilla or lemon extract.
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    Apply the paint to your fondant with the mixing brush.

Method 2

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    Dampen the surface of your fondant by brushing water or another liquid over it if using Wilton's Primary Shimmer Dust.
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    Sprinkle the Primary Shimmer Dust from its jar onto the damp fondant.
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    Shake off the excess powder and reserve it for decorating other fondant pieces.


  • Dust powders that create luster or shimmer can be mixed with matte color powders to add shine without lessening the color. They can also be mixed into buttercream for decorating.
  • Shiny fondant can be used to make decorations in the shape of flowers, leaves, and other real-life objects, not just ribbons.
  • Shimmer dust powder will be absorbed when mixed with a clear liquid other than water. The mixture will create a more intense color and the decorative paint will dry more quickly.
  • Dusting powders are generally non-toxic, but check that your dusting powder is safe to be consumed if you are using it for edible decorations.
  • When working with fondant, try to create a cool environment and use a cool surface. Fondant can soften in a warm room.
  • Dusting powder is available under a variety of names and in a range of different colors. Pearl dust and petal dust are 2 examples of the kinds of powder that can give fondant a shine.


  • Do not eat highlighting dusts, which come in gold and silver.
  • Do not mix water with dusting powder in general. Most powders are not water-soluble.
  • Do not use your chosen brush for anything other than applying dusting powder to fondant.

Things You'll Need

  • Dusting powder
  • Makeup brush or artist's paintbrush
  • Clear spirits or extracts
  • Small bowl or cup
  • Matte color powders

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