How to Adjust to a School Where You Are a Minority

There are only a few steps that are necessary for adjustment in a new school composed predominantly of people of a different background or moral stance from your own. Although they might not always turn out effective, you should not worry too much about fitting in.


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    Know that one's race does not determine their personality.. Keep this in mind. One of the key parts is convincing yourself, before you even begin on others. The other thing is that you may not see it but there are many other 'minorities' not all are for racial differences, nor do all look different. This article will strive to support all minorities, not just racial though that may be more of a focus.
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    Don't waste your time "finding out" about someone's culture. It will only make them uncomfortable and left out, as if they are a different species from you. Find things in their life that you can relate to. However if they mention a local event/tradition and you don't know what it is and it sounds interesting, ask them. It helps them remember that you do not know and keeps you from being too isolated in your minority (And knowing stuff as for example: the library isn't open during a certain holiday is always a good thing.) The surrounding cultures (and chances are there`s more than one!) deserve respect and will open doors to many friendships. Try to make friends with the person, for example, sitting next to you in home room.
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    Don't try to speak the way they do. Just be yourself. That is key, not only in this situation but in general. However be careful not to swear, because that is never polite. Even when others aim it at you. If they do not understand some words, just explain the words to them. However, if they refuse to accept the way you are, they are not worth making friends with, so why bother? Just go find another one. After all, friends are meant to stand up for you, not criticize your personality!
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    If there is a tradition they do that makes you uncomfortable, kindly explain to them that you'd prefer not to do it, Stand, but if you are not comfortable with doing the tradition, keep silent. This is only if you will not be physically harmed for not doing it or if you have a back up system to support you if physical violence should occur. In most cases it`s not likely to, even in boy schools, so do not worry about it, but if it does happen immediately tell a trusted adult, like a teacher or your parents.
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    Do not isolate yourself to one group; converse with everybody, be very friendly. Do not treat your peers in any special way but treat them as your friends, your equals.
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    Just as you learn to adjust to others, others will learn to adjust to you, so keep your mind open.
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    Do not stereotype any group, or make generalized statements.This is a blanket rule. If you stereotype you will lose friends or just lose respect. People definitely do not like it when you make false statements as well!


  • Being yourself is always the best option.
  • If you find some of the steps difficult try reading some of the related wikiHows to improve your communication skills.
  • Become friends with lots of people.
  • Try to hang out with a different group of people every lunch time and sit at their table. Try to get to know them better.


  • Trying to change the way you act to fit in will sometimes make you look like an idiot and people at your new school will think you are just a poser.
  • There are many variables that might prevent these tips from working.
  • Never use inappropriate words towards your peers or racial slurs, this is not only true when coming to a school that is predominantly a different race, but this is true ALWAYS.
  • Do not try to stick up for your race because it only ends badly for you. Instead, you should always tell them that all races are humans and are equals.

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