How to Advertise Cheaply in Ezines

Three Methods:Bargaining with a PublisherTaking Advantage of the MarketGetting the Most Out of Your Ad

You’ve created your own business complete with a new, exciting website. However, days pass and no one visits your site. Advertising in ezines (email newsletters) is a wonderful, and affordable, way to grab attention for your product or business. Often, a subscriber may forward the ezine to a friend or an entire email directory. Every time the ezine passes from one person to another, you gain additional advertising from the same ad. To make your presence known without breaking the bank, you must actively negotiate with ezine publishers and understand the details of the ezine market. Creating your own interesting ad is yet another way to save money.

Method 1
Bargaining with a Publisher

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    Sign a long-term contract. Some ezines reduce rates if you sign an advertising agreement. The terms and conditions of the contract can vary from one publication to the next. For example, some will restrict your ads to a certain location on the newsletter. Read the fine print and compare different offers before selecting the ezine that works the best.[1]
    • If you plan to advertise via other mediums, such as a print newspaper, make sure that the contract does not limit these activities.
    • Be careful signing up for a long-term (multi-month or year) contract if your business is new and unproven. If you fail to bring in adequate revenue, you will still be held to your contract.
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    Set up a joint venture. A joint venture is when two businesses decide to work together on a project. These arrangements can be for the long or short-term. You will (most likely) release partial control over advertising, but in return you will see a reduction in upfront cost.[2]
    • You may be able to give the ezine publisher a commission of any sale made from the ad. If you want to use this method, you will need to keep detailed records for sales in case the publisher requests an audit.
    • Some publishers may be willing to exchange advertising space. If you have a popular website or blog, you may be able to put an ad of equal value on your website in exchange for an ad in the ezine.
    • To successfully pitch a joint venture, make sure that your business or idea fits within the overall theme of the ezine. For example, if you sell specialty dog treats then an agreement with a kennel club ezine makes business sense.[3]
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    Offer to guest blog. Write articles or reviews in your area of expertise and then give them out to ezine editors to use as free content. Request that they attach your website and a one-line description of your services to the bottom of each piece. This is a way to gain the interest of readers and publishers alike.[4]
    • Acceptance of a free piece is not a sure thing. So, keep your content engaging by commenting on recent controversies or penning an interesting story. For example, if your product is a new type of ATV tire, you may want to pen a narrative about an off-road adventure.[5]
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    Micro-test, if you can. Start by buying a small ad and evaluating the service based on this purchase. Then, if you receive a sufficient return on your investment, you can up your investment and purchase additional ad space.[6]
    • Be aware that certain ezine publishers do have a minimum ad purchase limitation in place.

Method 2
Taking Advantage of the Market

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    Compare ezines. Look on the internet for those ezines that would appeal to your potential customers. Keep a running list of any ezines that appear popular but also affordable. Avoid ezines that have a reputation as spammers.
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    Choose the type of ezine that works for you. There are two related types of ezines: ad sheets and content papers. Ad sheets are composed almost entirely of ads with free and paid options available. The content that they do contain is often recycled. Content papers utilize more feature articles with a goal of teaching something to a particular audience.
    • The ads in content papers are limited to certain sections of the page. You can choose from the top, middle, bottom, and various sizes. Ad sheets are designed with more uniform ads, so size choice is limited.[7]
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    Know the cost of space. The premium spaces for ads are those that appear first and those that sit at the top of the page. An ezine can describe its ads in several ways, but most usually have higher price points for these premium locations. By switching to a less desirable location on the page, you can cut advertising costs.[8]
    • In newspapers, those ads that appear above the fold are generally the most expensive. Some ezines will use the term "above the fold" to mean the most visible and costly ads.
    • “Solo ads” are the most expensive because they are single-advertisement ezines sent out to subscribers. As they cost more money, you need to make sure you are confident of results.
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    Weigh cost versus exposure. If you are trying to limit expenses, look for ezines that have a smaller number of subscribers. This is especially the case if a more focused ezine targets the same audience that you are interested in. For example, if you are selling custom flavored honey, an ezine catering to foodies is probably a good fit.
    • Be aware of the interest and activity level of the subscribers. An ezine with 2,000 engaged readers may yield better results for you than an ezine with 10,000 disinterested ones.
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    Get referrals. Ask your friends, family, colleagues, and customers about the ezines that they read and enjoy. If they know about your business, they may be able to offer even more targeted suggestions. Ask about the quality of the publication. How frequently does it appear? Are there frequent typos and errors?
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    Set up a trial subscription. Subscribe to five to ten ezines that you are considering using for advertising. Give yourself a set number of weeks to read the ezines on your list. This will let you get to know them from a reader’s perspective. Pay attention to the quality of the ads contained in each one. Ask yourself, “Will my ad stand out or just blend in?”[9]

Method 3
Getting the Most Out of Your Ad

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    Make your own ad, when possible. To do so, you will need some skill at graphic design and an image-editing program that can make a high-quality ad. Try to keep it simple and stick with just one version to start out with. Many ezines will charge a fee to create your ad, so taking this route will save you money in the short term.
    • If you don’t feel comfortable making your own ad and can’t afford to pay the fee, consider approaching a technical college with an opportunity to let one of their classes work on your ad as a class project. They get the experience and you’ll get the product.[10]
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    Embrace repetition. Don't be afraid to purchase multiple ads with essentially the same message. Consumers often need to see an ad many times in order for it to make an impression.
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    Incorporate a call to action. To achieve a successful marketing campaign, you need to get your customers to take a certain course of action. It is not enough for them to simply notice your ad and move on. Instead, you might state, “Click now! Find out how you can purchase quality woolen goods!”[11]
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    Create your own email list. Make a list of everyone that you know. Reach out to those people who know you the best. Ask them to spread the word about your work. Look at the list again for those people you know less well, but who might be interested. This is the start of your networking list.[12]
    • When people click through to your site, make sure that you capture their information. Ask them to sign up for regular email announcements and you will start to supplement your initial list.
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    Consider secondary benefits. Money earned directly from your ezine ad is great, but when you consider the cost-benefit ratio of your ad, don’t forget less traceable points of revenue. For example, you could form strategic partnerships with other companies who found out about you via the ad. Or, you could build up enough support to eventually start your own ezine.
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    Publish your own ezine. One way to get cheap ezine advertising is to own and operate the ezine itself. Creating your own publication gives you control over the copy and tone of the work. You can also continue to expand your contact list and may even generate extra income by selling ads.
    • Make sure to create a quality ezine or you will damage your larger brand and business. Emphasize quality and reliability, publishing on time with few errors in fact and form. Asking for feedback can help you to improve as well.[13]


  • There is a difference between running a marketing campaign and being a spammer. If someone asks to be removed from your contact list, do so quickly or risk alienating your client base.[14]

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