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Dermatoglyphics is the study of skin ridges, and particularly fingerprints. Your fingerprints form while you are still in the womb, and don't change during your life. Since they are fixed, they can be used to diagnosis some genetic disorders, and are also used in advanced palm reading. In palm reading they are used as indicators of how a person thinks.


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    Learn to recognize each type of pattern. Each pattern is associated with a basic meaning. In order of commonality, the patterns are:
    • Common loop (opens toward thumb) - go with the flow, like to fit in
    • Radial loop (opens away from thumb) - put others before themselves
    • Arch - practical, cautious, stubborn, traditional values
    • Whorl - focused, independent, secretive
    • Composite (two loops facing opposite directions) - difficulty making decisions, open to other viewpoints
    • Tented arch (peak looks like a spike) - sensitive, impulsive nature, excitable
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    Read the meaning of the print type on individual digits. Not every pattern has specific meaning as some types are rarely found on certain digits.
    • Index finger - how a person thinks about himself.
      • Whorl - very independent with a high preference to work alone
      • Arch - cautious and stubborn with dislike of change
      • Radial loop - very friendly people person who struggles to say no
      • Composite - uncertain what they want, have problems making decisions
      • Tented arch - intensive over-the-top personality
    • Middle finger - how a person thinks about work and values
      • Whorl - original values who disregards conventional thinking
      • Arch - pragmatic, old-fashioned values
      • Radial loop - easily adaptable to other cultures and careers
    • Ring finger - how a person expresses himself
      • Whorl - high interest in fashion, music and art
      • Arch - high interest in classic physical expressions of beauty (i.e. architecture)
    • Pinkie finger - how a person feels about communication
      • Whorl - love of specialized knowledge (i.e. ancient languages)
      • Arch - very cautious and particular about speech
    • Thumb - how a person approaches doing things
      • Whorl - need to work by themselves, in their own way
      • Arch - thorough and persistent who concentrates on practical matters
      • Composite - difficulty making decisions, 60% certain is often the highest achievable
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    Identify any print patterns on the palm. It is common for there to be no discernible print patterns. Usually, if there is a pattern, it will be found in the lower outside area of the palm.
    • Loops connecting digits exaggerate those digits' qualities.
      • Loop of leisure connects the pinkie and ring finger. Priority is placed on pleasure so be sure to enjoy your work and have satisfying hobbies.
      • Loop of industry connects the middle and ring fingers. This person takes their work very seriously, and is often a workaholic.
      • Loop of leadership connects the index and middle fingers. This person is a natural leader.
    • Patterns found on the lower outside area of palm relate to the mind and psyche:
      • Loop of sensitivity - loop that opens toward the palm. This person is very perceptive, and can often tell when a person is lying or hiding something.
      • Loop of nature - loop that opens toward the hand edge. This person loves nature and usually has a green thumb.
      • Loop of inspiration - loop that opens toward the wrist. This is most common on artists and indicates large flows of inspiration.
      • Whorl of isolation. This person is fascinated with the subconscious and other mind realms.
      • Composite pattern. Emotional ups and downs are common and can result in difficulty maintaining relationships.
      • Arch pattern. This person has difficulty talking about their emotions and needs to express them physically.
    • Loop of rhythm is found on the thumb ball and opens toward the hand edge. This indicates a love of music and great sense of rhythm.
    • Loop of courage opens toward the outside of the hand between the thumb and index finger. This person constantly needs to challenge himself.


  • Ignore any common loops you find. They are the most common print, and are considered average and unimportant.
  • Put ink on thumb and print on plain paper for better fingerprint analyzing.

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