How to Answer a Cell Phone in Class

Sometimes you can't stand being away from your cell phone. If your school is tight on cell phone usage, here's a way to discreetly use your phone in class without your teacher finding out.


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    Make sure that nobody is watching you. Look around and check out the faculty around you; make sure they aren't interested in what you are doing. However, realize that teachers see a LOT more than they let on...
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    Find a way to look at your phone. Slip your hand into your pocket and pull it out under your desk. Hang your phone down near the ground so it looks like your picking something up, or put it in your pencil case/coat pocket and pretend to be looking for something.
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    Only check text messages. Under no circumstances answer a phone call at anytime in a classroom. The bathroom, however, is a great place to answer the phone, as teachers are not present.
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    If you have a friend who is planning to call you with certain information it is possible to answer your phone. If you are expecting the call and are just awaiting the info the caller intends to pass along, simply answer discretely and hold the phone up to the non-teacher ear and listen. Simple as that, then just slide it back into its place of holding
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    Open your phone and read the message. Try not to look suspicious and keep looking back up to check whether your teacher is looking at you. But be careful, if you look back too much, the teacher may get suspicious.
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    Reply to the text, but only if you are sure you won't get caught.
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    Conversations, A great way to do this is, if you have a hat, you can put your phone in there! it can go on your lap or right on your desk! Or go to the bathroom, and text there.
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    If someone is calling you, and you really need to answer it,try to look bored. Lean your head towards and sort of hand the phone, so that you look like you're leaning your head against your hand because you are tired or bored.Also ask a question so the teacher knows you're "listening". Also look to someone who is looking at you and pretend to have a conversation with them. You should be wearing a hood when you do this though


  • Turn your phones brightness down.
  • Try not to smile to much because teachers notice if you're just sitting there smiling at your lap or where ever your cell phone is.
  • Keep in mind that you shouldn't glance up too often to make it look obvious that you're checking your cell phone. Smarter teachers know what this looks like.
  • In some classrooms (usually this is a teacher-preference thing) if you tell your teacher that you are expecting a call from your parents they do allow you to answer it. Whether or not this is allowed is usually announced by your teacher on the first day of school.
  • Don't leave your phone in your locker with the ringer enabled. It could get you in trouble, or someone may steal it if you forget to lock it. Even better: turn the phone off and save your battery.
  • Also what you can do is wear boots that aren't tight and hide your phone in there.
  • If you have a desk that pulls out or if there is a little compartment in your desk, scoot your chair back and text in there. The teacher can't see it but the student behind you might be able to. Also the teacher might get suspicious about your hands being way back in your desk so keep it to the edge so it looks like you're resting your hands on your desk.
  • Check to make sure the consequences of having a cell phone with you during class is nothing that will cause suspension or expulsion.
  • Try not to text your friend very often just for the heck of it because if they get caught, the teacher may be able to see who texted them last and you would get in trouble as well.
  • Some schools allow mobile phones, as long as the phone doesn't disrupt the class. Others may strictly never allow a mobile(as you can also use the schools phone). If you honestly feel that your mobile phone can come in handy at school, use it in an emergency, and during class turn the phone off.
  • You can always raise your hand and ask to go to the restroom (say it is an emergency) then answer your phone there.
  • When you are close to a teacher or an honest student, completely silence your phone, as even the vibrate function on a cell phone makes a distinct noise. In other words, set on alarm only (message pops up with no noise).
  • If you can choose where you sit in class, always stay as far away from the teacher as possible.
  • Before bringing your phone to school, make sure you know what the district's mobile phone policy is before doing any of the above.
  • Textbooks are good. Pretend that you are looking up something, and place your textbook upright on the desk, open. Put your cell phone inside. Make sure your binding on your book is facing the teacher.
  • Also, a good habit to get into is to put your feet under the front two legs of the desk. This will ideally tilt the desk towards you. Although it will look a bit strange at first, with practice and constant use your teacher won't notice when you do this. Then you are free to hide your cell phone in the area where your desk meets your body.
  • There are some rings available that produce very high pitch noises that are not supposed to be able to be heard by adults above a certain age. Using these rings, you may be able to set a ring that you can hear that teachers cannot. However, other students may comment unknowingly on the noise, so use with caution.
  • Another good tip is that if you really need to answer your phone, is to wear a long sleeved shirt, with a tight cuff, and act like you are scratching your head and put the phone to your ear, while you hide the bottom part in the sleeve.
  • Or wear a jacket with big pockets that you can see lights through and text away!
  • Wear loose pants so the bulge of the phone in your pocket is not noticeable.
  • If you are allowed to wear hoodies in class, put the hood up and tape the cell phone to the inside of the hood by your ear. You won't be able to talk, but you can listen to the other person.
  • If possible, tell the caller to call your school's office at a later time, and go there instead.
  • Make sure not to distract other students in the classroom.
  • If it's an emergency, just do it. Its not your fault that your parent is calling for any possible reason.
  • A good idea is to just not use your phone at all during school. You may be able to text during free periods but there's not much reason that you absolutely must answer the phone.
  • Put your hand on your face and pretend like you are tired and when the teacher walks away call your mom or friend.


  • Make sure your bluetooth is turned off. Some teacher laptops have access to bluetooth scanners and will know if someone has theirs on nearby.
  • Be especially careful when trying these techniques around younger teachers, especially those just out of college. Their generation invented these techniques, so they know what to look for!
  • The mosquito ringtone does not always work, because the teacher might have very good hearing, or the other students might tell on you, because they can hear it.
  • Be sure not to let any honest students see what you are doing or they may report you.
  • Never use a cell phone to cheat on quizzes or tests. It is very stupid. Always be aware of the risks that carrying a cell phone during school may create. Know that some teachers are very strict about the rules that your school has regarding electronic communications devices. Some teachers even have their own policies within their own class.
  • Don't check your messages in the dark (like when the overhead or projector is on) because teachers can see the brightness of your cell phone.
  • Note that some schools have buildings and bathrooms that block signal, so texting and calling can be difficult when using the bathroom or texting in class.
  • Don't tell anyone what you are up to.
  • during watching movie in school don't check your messages in the dark because teachers can see your brightness of your cellphone.Other schools don't have a locker put in your book-bag.Cautions:that nobody is watching but
  • Wearing loose pants may be a violation of dress code in some schools.
  • Be sure to turn your phone's ringer off. Silence it - even vibrate can be heard.
    • Keep in mind that in some schools (public and private), simply having a cell phone with you on school property is grounds for expulsion. Be sure to read your school's handbook cover to cover before trying to use your cell phone at school.
  • Instead of putting your phone on silent or putting it in a sleeve, you can wear a hoodie and bring earbuds. Run your earbuds through the hoodie and tilt your head on your hand as if you are bored, using your hand to cover the wire and such. Or better yet, if you can out on your hood, do that. This way the wire and earbuds are completely hidden.

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