wikiHow to Answer Common Atheists Questions About Christianity

Atheists have very hard and honest questions about Christianity that often go unanswered, not because there is necessarily anything wrong with Christianity, but because Christianity involves faith, Christians often trust the Bible without having a concern about obvious issues that are confusing, unclear, seem to defy logic and seemingly contradictory. So here is how you answer some atheists' common questions about Christianity.


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    Answer the, Does God have free will? Could He choose to do evil? question with something such as this:
    • God is the definition of purity and goodness. There is no evil in him. He created the concept of free will so God automatically has free will. But in regard to the common questions about what he can or cannot do, he has no limitations. But also, you must understand that you cannot compare God to humans. Technically, asking the question "can God do something evil," is actually a loaded question, because if I say "no he can't", then you will say "so God is limited," but if I say "yes he could," then you could say "so God is imperfect and therefore limited." So this would require a better definition of evil, which the Bible calls "anything that is imperfect and not from pure love and selflessness." This includes impure thoughts, hate, and any kind of dishonesty or selfishness, not even mentioning the bigger stuff like murder, theft, fighting, etc. But killing is not evil, murder is. Murder is hate and therefor selfish. Killing can be done through self defense or killing an evil person who will harm others if not stooped (like in the military). The human definition of evil is "anything that causes pain, displeasure, sadness, deprivation or death." This is not a complete definition of evil. The Bible's definition of evil is so much higher than human's definition. Therefor, God cannot lie, die, or cease to exist. Humans can lie, die and cease to exist. Since lying is imperfect, dyeing is weakness, and ceasing to exist, is powerlessness. Therefore, God has no limitations.
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    Answer such questions as this: What crime deserves an eternity of punishment? with a response such as that which is shown below.
    • "The wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23) Since God is perfect, he only wants perfection around him. Sin is anything contrary to goodness, purity, selflessness and anything that breaks the laws of nature and breaking the laws of God. 100% Purity is acid to evil. Even the smallest Evil is a cancer to good (remember the definition we established in the first question). Even a thought of hate can turn into Hitler size hate and destruction. Evil wants to destroy everything including itself, and Good (purity) can only build and heal. God gives humans plenty of time to decide if they want heaven or hell. Free will is in effect, because without free will, God would not be Good, he would be controlling. Freedom is a form of love. Hell was for the fallen angels (demons) that knew better than to rebel. If you read the bible, you will remember that Satan convinced one-third of the angles to rebel against God. Since they never experienced rebellion, it was easy for that little evil to deceive them. If God did not kick out Satan, he would contaminate heaven and no angel would have been able to be in his presence. The question comes up, "why did God create Satan?" God created Satan (A.K.A Lucifer) perfect. Remember, free will is allowed everywhere, even in heaven. A theory is that God may have allowed Lucifer to rebel in conjunction with the creation of earth and humans. He knew that Adam would be deceived and fall, and from the beginning, he planned a salvation rescue of humans that is hinted throughout the Bible, mostly through Bible prophecies speaking about the messiah (who was Jesus). Pure love is displayed much more clearly in chaos and pain. Therefore, Lucifer, hell and sin is one option for humans to choose, while Jesus, heaven and love is the other option for humans to choose. My personal opinion is that God's love is so powerful that evil is allowed to take its course just enough where choosing God and heaven has to be a struggle, causing only those who truly want it, to find it. "When you seek me with all your heart you will find me" (Jeremiah 29:13)
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    Reply to questions like this What does it mean when you say that the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are One God? Can you form an analogy to make this more clear? with an answer such as this:
    • There is one God. God is not a person but a force, the source of life, an entity of the engine of existence. God can appear in any form so he has chosen to appear as a spirit called the holy spirit and in a human body called Jesus. These two forms serve very important purposes. In revelation, it is mentioned that God is a "consuming fire" (Hebrews 12:29) and no one can see God and live (Exodus 33:20). Sin separated humans from the ability to know God. This requires Jesus to die in our place to fulfill the law of perfection which require death to anything that sins. When Jesus died on the cross, he became sin for us. Now Jesus can be a mediator between God and man. The human part of Jesus has connected with humans, but the God part of Jesus connects with God, making a bridge. The holy spirit is a helper to humans. Humans naturally reject Jesus (because of our sin), so the holy spirit helps us "find" Jesus. No one comes to Jesus except by the holy spirit. Evil cannot hear Jesus, and evil cannot even be in the presence of God, so the holy spirit helps us speak to Jesus, and Jesus (after dying on the cross) makes us perfect (temporarily) enough to speak to God. Jesus and the holy spirit are parts of God (almost like the left hand and the right hand of God). When we die, we will rise to heaven and live forever like Jesus did so we can fellowship face to face with God fully.
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    Answer this comment Some Christians pray to Jesus in the hope that he will intercede with the Father. with an answer such as this:
    • Those who pray with doubt, should not expect anything. (James 1:7) Seeing the answer to the question above will answer this.
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    Reply to questions like Does this make sense if Jesus and and the Father are the same God? with a response such as that which follows:
    • God must make another form for humans to interact with. We cannot come to God without first being cleansed from sin by Jesus. Without that, we would die in God's presence. Seeing the answer to the question above will answer this.
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    Respond to a question about death an such as this question If human evils must be allowed so that we can have free will, why did God also create natural evils, like floods and disease? with a response like this:
    • God did not create evil. Evil exists alongside Good. Without evil, there is no such thing as Good, nor would their exist free will. (1 Peter 3:17 ) Remember, that this earth is not home, and everything that causes pain will only last a "moment" compared to eternity in heaven (James 4:14). Earth is not heaven, so you cannot expect no pain or suffering on earth. God cannot make humans decide to choose him. There must be a balance of Good and Evil on earth. Flood and disease are not evil, they are merely obstacles. Simply because they cause pain does not mean they are evil. When someone dies, their "timeline" is up. "When absent from the body, you are present with God."(2nd Corinthians 5:8) Everyone is given a certain amount of time to choose God or choose Satan. Choosing nothing is equal to choosing Satan, because God designed life to have challenges that force you to decide. It's like boot camp, which has obstacles in order to determine who is fit for the job. The obstacles are not evil, but necessary, just as mistakes and accidents are not evil but common to nature. Only those who endure and are fit for the kingdom of God will make it to heaven. (Luke 9:62)
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    Answer comments or questions like You believe in the supernatural. How do you know when to reject supernatural explanations for things like UFOs or spontaneous human combustion? with a response like the ones shown below.
    • Well, you asked the right question. The supernatural or spirit realm is scientifically proven throughout history and even now, on TV shows like Ghost hunters. They claim they were skeptics and started their investigation to prove that the spirit realm was not true. Now they are firm believers and have so much evidence that they can make an entire show on it.
    • Now with UFO's and aliens I personally believe these are demons. Simply because there are countless testimonies of encounters with aliens and all of them have been weird or painful and never kind or beneficial. Also, they can never be properly photographed just like in Ghost hunters, where the Ghosts are always perfectly out of focus. If these are spirits, this would make sense, since you can't capture spirits with physical imagery. If they were truly from another planet, their encounter would have been to exchange information, rather than cause confusion, and pain to the people who encountered the aliens. Spontaneous combustion is scientifically proven to be possible because of chemicals in the body that can cause this. There have been about 200 cited cases worldwide over a period of around 300 years.
    • cases of Spontaneous combustion
    • Dr. Oz had a show on near death experiences. These were former atheists and skeptics of the spirit realm.
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    Answer questions like How can you tell false and true religions apart? Where do false religions — including false Christian sects — come from? about other religions with a response such as:
    • There are many false religions. A saying goes "if there is a counterfeit, their must be an authentic". There are three ways to explain why Christianity is true. First, To tell Christianity apart from other religions, you must realize that all other religions say they are "searching for God," while Christianity says God is searching for us. Second, the Bible has been proven scientifically, archaeologically and historically to be accurate. Third, Christianity is the only religion where people's lives get changed from the pure teaching in accordance of God's word. Atheists become Christians, hardened criminals become normal citizens, healing miracles (no other religion claims to do miracle healing) and many other strong testimonies from hostile witnesses (people who were against Christianity who testify that it is true).
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    Reply to denominational questions such as What is a Christian? Are there any groups of people who call themselves Christians that are not really Christians? with a response such as:
    • A Christian is someone who knows God (personally and passionately) and believes he exists by faith and believes Jesus died for their sins and accepts that they are sinners but want to be perfect (pure) and try to live out life in that way daily, to one day go to heaven. The antithesis of a christian is an atheist who says they do not know God, nor believe he exists, nor is their absolute morals that determine what is or is not "right and wrong" making life have no objective meaning, living life by your own rules. Polar opposite views of the same life.
    • There are other religions that are loosely based on Biblical beliefs but have allowed themselves to interpret smaller parts of the Bible to fit false ideas. Mormons (who believe God was married and deny the deity of Jesus as God), Jehovah's Witness (believe most of what Christianity believes but deny the deity of Jesus based on misinterpreting quotes in the Bible that mention human traits that Jesus claimed to have), and others.
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    Respond to Holocaust questions like this If God sometimes interferes in human events, why didn’t he either prevent the Holocaust or arrange for it to end sooner? with:
    • Studying Bible history and prophecy, the Holocaust was a judgement against the Jewish people. Throughout Bible history, when the Jewish people rejected or lost love for God (turning to other gods), he would send pain and suffering until they came back to him. God always sends warnings before he does this (by prophets). Any punishment or pain he allows is an example that he loves that person or nation to wake them up without forcing them to choose him. He must give them a choice, but sometimes evil is so strong that he must cause the wrong choice to inflict pain to persuade them to turn back to him. If he didn't do this, an entire nation can be swallowed up in sin (like Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19), where everyone in these cities were very evil except Lot). This also happened at the beginning where God had to flood the world (scientifically verified to happen by the way) to destroy all humans because they were all evil, and during the tower of babel where everyone was so evil God had to create all the languages (scientifically verified to happen by the way) in all the people to separate them. (Sodom and Gomorrah's actual remains
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    Respond to heaven/hell questions like this If prayer can help someone get into Heaven, does this mean that someone who went to Hell might have been saved if someone had prayed for them? Is that fair? with:
    • Prayer in and of itself does nothing. It depends on who you pray to and what your intentions are in your prayer and if you have faith that your prayer will be answered. Prayer is important, but the motive behind the praying is what God looks for. (Romans 2:15,16; Jeremiah 11:20; Hebrews 4:12) God judges everyone by their heart (their true intentions that can't be expressed in words). This is the most fair way to determine who goes to heaven or hell. If a person was born poor and they stole to get food, and they prayed to get out of poverty but God never took him out, and this person kept his faith in God anyway and eventually died of hunger, God would usher him into heaven with open arms. On the other hand, if a Christian who was kind and loving, but was proud and prayed to God in pride, thanking him for not making him poor and a thief like the man who died hungry, God would see his true intentions in his heart and when he dies, he will be sent to hell. (Luke 18:9-14) Christians can go to hell, just as sinners can go to heaven. It is all about faith and your heart.
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    Respond to questions about Old Testament punishment questions like If God told you to kill a child, would you do it? If God told someone else to kill a child, would you interfere? with an answer as shown below:
    • "God cannot sin, nor does he tempt anyone else to sin" (James 1:13) Some children die because of evil, but everyone must die sooner or later. I assume you are referring to the killing of children in Deuteronomy 21:18-21 and other places in the Bible. In the old testament, punishments were made severe because they didn't have policemen and jails like they do now. Believe it or not, because the threat of death was made, very very few children were bad. Only the really bad children were put to death and this was usually the last of the last resort. Any child punished this way was extremely bad and possibly murderous. Since there was no law enforcement back then (especially when traveling through deserts and open plains), this was the only way to control an outbreak of evil from overtaking their camps. Before a stoning took place, multiple witnesses were required for a conviction. (Deuteronomy 17:6) Like many societies of the time, Israel had a patriarchal society. The word of the father in the family was law. Thanks to this law in Deuteronomy, a father who was displeased with his son—whether justly or unjustly—could not simply kill him himself. Previous verses had already made it impossible to disinherit an unfavored son (Deuteronomy 21:15–17), and now these verses essentially guaranteed due process of law to protect the rights of the accused son. The trial was to be held in the city of the accused, where the trustworthiness of the parents and the son’s own character were likely to be well-known. Since capital crimes required the testimony of two or three witnesses for a conviction, the word of the father would be insufficient.
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    Respond to questions about miracles such as this question Why aren’t amputees ever miraculously cured? with an answer such as:
    • Amputees have been reported to have been healed. There are not that many, and most do not get documented. There has been people's thumbs healed, eyes have been restored (people with no eyeballs), and people with half-livers healed with full livers. Unfortunately, most of those do not get before and after pictures. Many are in third world countries or revivals. But there are other ailments that have been healed that are even more impossible to be healed that have been documented. Delores Winder had major pain and had a percutaneous cordotomy, in which they went into the brain and burned out the nerves to the lower part of her body to stop the pain. This is permanent and cannot be restored in any medical way. She was healed and is currently the only person in history to ever be healed from this surgery. It has been documented in medical journals. She wrote a book about it and went on a show that talks to people who have had miracles like this.
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    Answer questions like Why are modern-day miracles less impressive than those in Biblical times? with...
    • Jesus said that his disciples will do the same or greater miracles than he did. (John 14:12) Many have happened her in America and books have been written about them. Many others have been done in third world countries by missionaries who have also been documented, some with pictures.
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    Answer questions that are similar to Does God value faith more than He values belief based on evidence? If so, does that make sense? with a response such as....
    • Whatever it takes to believe in God, God accepts it as faith. Whether it is by evidence only (like the doubting Thomas in the New testament where he needed to see Jesus' scars in order to believe he rose from the dead) or by faith alone (like Abraham in the old testament where a voice he never heard before told him to leave his homeland, and eventually almost kill his son as a test of his faith). Whichever way you choose, choose to believe rather than doubt.
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    Answer questions about prayer such as this If you pray for an answer to a question, how do you know when God answers? with a response like:
    • There are several ways God answers prayer. But remember, your prayer must be prayed with the intent of something positive and something related to God. Selfish prayers are also answered with a NO through silence. Either God uses his word, the Bible to answer it. (You run into a bible verse that directly refers to your current problem).
    • God said "his word will not return to him void" (Isaiah 55:11) meaning that if he said he will answer you when you call for him he will. You must pray through Jesus to God. Only Jesus can send your prayer to God. If you believe in your heart he will and do not ask for something evil, selfish or "stupid", you WILL get an answer, no matter if you are an atheist, Buddhist, Mormon, etc. Its that simple.
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    Answer questions like this Could it be that you are being deceived by a demon? with a reply such as...
    • God is all-powerful. He will not let Satan interfere with a prayer that would deceive you with a wrong answer, especially if you are looking with all your heart for an honest answer from him. "God is not a god of confusion" (1 Corinthians 14:33)
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    Answer questions like How can you tell the difference between a prayer that’s been answered by God and a coincidence that happens to coincide with your desires? with a response such as that which follows:
    • I don't believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. You just don't know what it is or why, until later, sometimes not until you reach the end of your life. God works in your entire life. Abraham prayed for a son and he didn't get it until he was 90 years old! God WILL answer you, just not always in the time you think he should or the way you are expecting. God is in control of this world, he knows your needs before you ask them, so God will not confuse you when he answers you.
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    Answer a question like If some of your beliefs are based on what you feel in your heart, do you accept as true what others feel? with:
    • Well, I go by the philosophy of the atheist, I don't go by feelings, if I cannot verify it or use an established way of doing something, it is not true. The Bible is the verification that every thought must go through in order to determine truth. If you go by emotions (which are up and down based on outer circumstances), you will be deceived.
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    Answer questions such as this one: Did all of the people who lived before the time of Jesus go to Hell? Is that just? with:
    • Based on careful study of the Bible, everyone (including the prophets) who died, where held in a holding place near heaven. They call this "Abraham's bosom". When Jesus died on the cross, he went there (in spirit) to speak with Abraham and all the people held their explaining his salvation (the three days he was dead in the tomb). When he rose again, this opened the gates of heaven for the first time. Since Jesus is the bridge back to God, everyone who were faithful to God went to heaven.
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    Reply to a question such as Can people who never hear about Jesus go to Heaven?
    • Yes, its based on your heart. If someone truly wanted to know the true God and never heard the Gospel, God would judge the heart of that person and "grade" his heart as if he knew. God's grace would take over, giving him the ability to go to heaven without first knowing about God. This also applies to babies and children under the "age of accountability" which is between 9 and 12 years old. No babies or very young children go to hell, neither do some people who never heard the gospel.
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    Answer a question like If God gave us intelligence, wouldn't he want us to examine our beliefs with reason? with a reply similar to this:
    • Absolutely. God has given enough evidence to prove his existence. "The heavens declare his glory" (Psalm 19). The Bible is his words he speaks and the logic behind everything he has made. God also allows alternate belief systems to arise so it will be a fair choice. His choice can never overpower the choice of wrong in order to not interfere with free will. He wants humans to choose from multiple choices. We must logically deduct which belief system is true. Also belief systems have some truth, but only one belief system is the true explanation for this reality. Unfortunately, now of days, there is a lot of lies masquerading as truth, deceiving many people. Only a few ever find the true belief by going as deep as they can in their reasoning and logic.


  • Always be nice and object to their assertions with calmness
  • Try to answer the strongest part of their question.
  • Try to attack atheism with questions about their belief and don't let the atheist focus only on Christianity. (Remember, atheism has a lot of illogical and contradictory reasoning that rarely is contested by Christians)


  • Never argue with an atheist. When you start "throwing" answers at each other, it has now turned into a wrestling match of "who can crush the other", rather than reaching them with the truth.

Things You'll Need

  • A Bible
  • A list of common Logical Fallacies
  • An understanding of how atheists view Christianity
  • The Writings of the Church Fathers
  • The Writings of very intelligent Christians, such as CS Lewis, Michael Coren, St. Thomas Aquinas, etc.

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