How to Apply Gothic Eye Makeup

Two Parts:Preparing the eyesIlluminating the eyes

If you want to be Gothic, full time or just a one-off occasion, then follow these easy yet artistic steps...

Part 1
Preparing the eyes

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    Prepare the classic black eyes of the goth. To do this, start by applying a black eyeshadow to your eyelids. You may find that it doesn't look as black as you would've liked, so apply a second layer, and if you want to be adventurous, a third.
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    Add dark eyeliner. Depending on how dark your eyeshadow is when you've finished, you can add a line using liquid eyeliner about 5mm wide across your eyelid to make it even darker.
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    Line under your eyes with a black eyeliner. You can do this either with a pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliner.
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    Apply mascara to your lashes. Try to avoid clumpy mascara - not a good look! If you're going to put on more than one coat, wait for it to dry first before applying the next layer. If you have dark lashes already, you will probably find that one coat may be enough.

Part 2
Illuminating the eyes

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    Use facial patterns to enhance the eyes. If you want to be really daring, try painting patterns on your face that look as though they're projecting from your eyes - just don't go below the cheekbones or too high on your forehead (you may look a little bit over-the-top). You can paint these patterns using a thin, soft, artist's paintbrush and normal face paint (the kind you see at a fun fair; you can get this from makeup stores, normal supermarkets, or even online). This is the part where you can base your gothic look on a theme. For example, you can paint a black web going round each of your eyes or random swirls coming from the outer corners of your eyes with flowers on the end. Be creative and use your imagination!
    • If you want to create something such as a butterfly, you'd need a sponge, rather than a paintbrush to apply the main part of the butterfly. This will give it more of an even spread, rather than streaky lines made into a certain shape.
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    Aim for the classic gothic pale complexion to help the eyes to stand out. You need to use a foundation and pressed powder that's one or two shades lighter than your normal facial complexion. Remember to check that you don't have a neck that's much darker than your face when you've finished this though.
    • Do not apply blusher or your face won't look pale.
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    Try other colors, but only if wished. Remember, you don't have to use black at all to be gothic. You can use pink, red or even yellow. Just creating that perfect look for you as an individual is key to perfecting the gothic style. Now go out there and have fun, while you look like an amazing goth!
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  • Set yourself plenty of time, don't try to rush your makeup or you may make a mistake and have to start all over again.
  • Remember, it's not just the gothic eye makeup you can wear; there's the lips you can paint to match. (Don't forget the hair, nails and most of all, the funky outfit)
  • If you're doing your gothic makeup for an important occasion etc, perhaps practice on your face a few days beforehand, or draw a mental picture in your mind of the final outcome you wish to create.
  • Don't hold yourself back when applying your gothic makeup, yet don't pile on layer after layer - you'll find that this may weigh you down and get on your nerves throughout the day.
  • Don't forget that you have your gothic makeup on. The worst thing you want to do is rub your eye when you're tired or have an itch.
  • Black is the most common colour associated with goths, but other colours can be used too.
  • When your makeup has a theme to it, make sure that your outfit matches, or your nails are a similar colour. Possibly try to pick jewellery that'll complement your eye patterns.
  • Sometimes, a little bit of gothic makeup can look like a lot - never go too far, whatever your boundaries may be.
  • Try to stick to a theme when applying your makeup, eg: floral or spider web.
  • It can take a lot of trial and error to create the perfect goth look.
  • Be confident and carefree wearing your gothic makeup. Don't listen to what anyone may have to say, they're probably just jealous that you have the courage to wear such daring makeup.
  • If you want to apply all the makeup listed in the above steps, make sure you feel brave enough to do so.


  • You may 'slip up' and get some makeup in your eye. Just stop what you're doing and try to rinse it out. It doesn't matter if you accidentally wash some of your makeup off because you will have set yourself enough time for these accidents to happen.
  • Some people can have an allergic reaction to certain makeup products. Just make sure you've used the product before, or test it on your hand before you apply to your face.
  • Don't be afraid to express who you really are! Come up with your own look if you don't like any of the other gothic styles! Have fun and express yourself!

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