How to Arrange Your Bedroom Mirrors

Placement of mirrors in the bedroom makes all the difference as to how you perceive yourself, your clothes and the tasks you need to perform before a mirror, such as straightening a tie or putting on makeup. Here are some steps for helping you to arrange your bedroom mirrors.


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    Get your mirror(s). Ideally there should be two mirrors in a bedroom - a body-length mirror and a dressing table or smaller mirror that you can get close to with ease.
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    Put the body-length mirror behind a door to save space. Either the bedroom door or a wardrobe door will do fine, as long as you can stand in front of them closely and some distance away to view your garments in full. This mirror does not need to be elaborate or framed, as nobody but you will see it. Just a rectangle hung vertically with screws in each corner will suffice. If it lacks sufficient light, install a light near it if possible.
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    Place the dressing table mirror as near to natural light as possible. Preferably this mirror should be near a window. This will allow you to see clearly as you apply makeup, use tweezers to pull out those stubborn facial hairs and arrange your hairstyle. Yes, a lot of us do this in the bathroom but the luxury of sitting down comfortably in front of a dressing table mirror is well worth it and a surprising number of bathrooms do not have sufficient natural light.


  • If you think your bedroom looks too small and cramped, mirrors on one or two opposite walls can make the room appear larger.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in wardrobe, a body-length mirror should also be installed, with plenty of light surrounding it.
  • It is also fun to recycle an old dressing table and give it a new life - you save a lot of money and gain a temporary new hobby to boot. It is not difficult to do and will provide you with years of satisfaction.
  • Too many mirrors can make your room look messy if you don't have a clean room. It just doubles the clutter! So make sure to always clean your room.
  • If you have a large bedroom and can spare the space and afford a stand-alone mirror, then get one. There are many elegant styles available and this will enable you to move the mirror into the natural light if necessary.
  • Don't get too hung up on buying mirrors. If you don't like the mirrors out there, you can have a local craftsman make a beautiful frame made from recycled timber and even from recycled mirror if you can. This is a very sustainable choice and will also support local craftspeople.
  • If you only have small mirrors to work with, you can place them at eye-level or above in a row on your wall, spaced evenly, a few feet apart.
  • If you can only afford the space or money to have one mirror, it is always best to have the body-length mirror as it will allow you to see your entire style. You can always purchase small, portable self-supported mirrors to assist with putting on makeup etc, which will allow you to sit anywhere in the house that has natural light.


  • If you can see yourself in bed with a mirror, cover it at night. Seeing your shadowy image can be scary.
  • Never install normal mirrors on a ceiling. Normal mirrors are too heavy and will fall; not only could the ceiling get badly damaged, but serious injuries could result as well. You must buy lightweight mirrors that are designed for ceilings.
  • Do not expose the back of your mirror to direct sunlight, or concentrated heat, as this may harm the silver backing. Take this into consideration when arranging your mirror near natural light; a heavy curtain might assist if you need to place it across a window space.

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  • Body-length mirror
  • Dressing table mirror

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