How to Ask a Boy to Dance With You at a Middle School Dance

Two Parts:Getting His AttentionAsking Him to Dance

Middle school dances are a fun time that gives you the chance to be social with your classmates. For some people, being social and dancing comes naturally, but for others the challenge of finding a boy to dance with can be stressful. Luckily, if you take the right approach, dancing with the guy of your dreams can become a reality.

Part 1
Getting His Attention

  1. 1
    Wear something that catches his eye. If you know what he likes already, you might have an idea of what he likes or what he finds attractive, and you should wear something that matches his taste. If you don't know him personally, try to wear something cute and that stands out from other people at the dance.
    • Ask your friends for advice on your outfit.
    • Wear something modest but cute. You don't want to give him the wrong impression, but you still want to attract him.[1]
    • Don't go to the dance wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, it'll reflect in your attitude and lower your confidence.[2]
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    Make eye contact with him across the dancefloor and smile. Locking eyes with someone lets them know that you're interested in them, which in turn, raises their interest in you. In many cases, staring into someone's eyes can make you more attractive to them.[3] Making eye contact before you approach him will clue him into the fact that you're interested. Smile if he looks back, so he knows that you like him.
    • If he looks down when you lock eyes but continually looks back into your direction, it may mean he's interested in you.
    • If he smiles back and keeps looking at you, it's a sign that he likes you back.
    • If he looks uncomfortable, confused, or tries to avoid you the entire night, there's a good chance he doesn't want to dance with you.
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    Dance with your friends to get rid of nerves. Dancing with your friends is a great way to loosen up and get used to the thought of dancing in front of your classmates. Form a circle and dance with each other. Keep making occasional eye contact with the boy you're interested in and maintain a smile.
    • Read Learn-to-Dance if you don't know how to dance.
    • Dancing can boost improve your self-confidence and reduces anxiety.[4]
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    Tell his friends that you want to dance with him. If you're nervous about approaching him and asking him to dance, then another strategy you can use is to talk to his friends and tell them that you're interested. He may end up approaching you if he gets this information from a buddy.
    • If he is shy, there's a chance he will want to approach you but may be to nervous to do it.
    • His friends may not tell him that you want to dance, so prepare to do the work yourself if all else fails.

Part 2
Asking Him to Dance

  1. 1
    Choose the right time and right song. Think about what kind of song you want to dance to. Do you want to dance to something more energetic and fun or do you want to slow things down and get romantic? If you like the boy, pick a slow song. If you just want to be friends, pick something more energetic.
  2. 2
    Walk up to him with confidence. There are ways you can appear more confident with how you act. Standing up straight and maintaining eye contact with him will make you look more confident than if you were to look down at the ground or slouch.[5]
    • Approach him when he's alone so that his decision isn't affected by the people around him.
    • Walk up to him when you feel comfortable, but don't wait too long, or you may miss your opportunity.
  3. 3
    Say "hi" and ask how he is doing. Before you ask him to dance, see how he reacts to talking. If he's excited to talk to you and seems enthusiastic, it's a good sign that he likes you back. If his feet are pointed away, he rubs his neck or face, and looks uncomfortable; he may not want to dance.[6]
    • If he ignores you and walks away to talk to his friends, it's a sign he isn't interested.
    • Just because he doesn't say a lot doesn't mean he's not interested in you. He may just be nervous.
  4. 4
    Ask him to dance with you. Once you talk to him about how he is, ask him to dance with confidence. You can ask him to dance by saying "Hey, do you want to dance with me for the next song?" Wait for his response and if he says yes, take his hand and go to the dancefloor.
    • He may be too nervous to dance. If he doesn't want to dance, then sit down next to him and talk to him.
    • If he says no, try not to get too upset. Go back to your friends and try to enjoy the rest of your night and dance with them.
  5. 5
    Leave your fear behind and just go for it. You may feel nervous approaching the boy you like, but sometimes the best thing to do is just to go for it.[7] The worst thing that could happen is the boy says no, and it hurts your feelings. Understand that even if he doesn't like you, it doesn't mean that you aren't attractive or likable. It just means that that weren't meant for one another.
    • If you let your fear and anxiety win, then you'll never know if he really wanted to dance with you.

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