How to Avoid as Much Homework as Possible

When you come home, do you feel overwhelmed with homework? Does it feel like you will never get it done? This article will work for kids of all ages, whether you are a 5th grader or a senior.


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    Take advantage of lunch (and recess if you are younger). Did you finish eating early? Run to the computer lab/library and get to work. If those facilities are not open during lunch (or recess) then you can work at your lunch table. It doesn't have to be boring! Work with friends! Have fun!
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    Take advantage of class time. Bring homework to all of your classes during the day. If you even have 5 spare minutes, work. Every little bit helps!
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    Work in the car ride to and from school if you get a ride. You can also work on the bus. If you ride on a noisy bus, bring an iPod/CD player to listen to music while working. Apologize to your friends by saying "I have a lot of homework, but if you need help with yours, feel free to ask!"
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    If you have to stay after school anyway, take advantage of your school library. Go to it while waiting for your ride and get some done.
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    Take advantage of car time. Whether on the way or the way home from school, you can always get a little extra study time in between home and class.
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    Work during free classes. Often happens if your teacher is on leave, a substitute teacher comes late. Take advantage of that time. It also helps to request that the substitute grant this class for completion of your pending work.


  • Be organized. Don't place your math homework in your English folder. Don't put your art pens sloppily in your handbag, place them in the proper container. Be neat, and you will go far.
  • If you have an advisory class, do homework then.
  • Read cool books in your spare time. This will increase your reading speed. Faster reading speed will decrease the amount of time to finish homework significantly.
  • Be prepared. Teachers love kids who always bring the proper tools to class.
  • Participate. It will be easier to do homework if you participate in class.
  • In high school, try to have a "study" class.


  • Even though you're trying to finish your homework quickly, DO NOT rush. Your teacher can always tell, and your grades may suffer if you're scrambling to finish all your homework on a noisy bus.
  • Be cautious of not getting a label as being a study geek, or homework buff, but keep in mind that most people will respect the fact that you take your future seriously. You should also let people know that you are doing your homework "now" so you can do tight stuff when you get home.
  • It's best not to work on homework during class, but only do it if you feel that you absolutely must. I know it's tempting, but you could get into a lot of trouble! If you do it, you must be extremely cautious.

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  • School supplies: paper, pens, pencils, ruler, calculator, compass, protractor, folder, notebooks, binders, pencil case, erasers, white out, staplers, paper clips
  • A study area

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