How to Avoid Being Noticed in School

Blending in with the crowd in school is not difficult. Simply keep to yourself, and quietly enjoy your hobbies and friendships without calling great attention to them. It is possible to go through school without attracting attention, but also remember to have fun!


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    Dress the part. If you wish to blend in, you should choose timeless outfits that involve neutral colors (e.g. black, white, and brown). Wear few simple accessories, if any. You may want to wear one main color (e.g. blue or pink) along with a few light, dull, or neutral colors.
    • Avoid baggy (girls), over-revealing, overly fashionable, or brightly-colored outfits, as these will draw attention.
    • Wear your hair neat and clean. If you dye it, pick a color that looks natural (e.g. from blond to brown).
    • Find a personal style that feels comfortable, suits you, and blends in nicely.
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    Avoid attracting attention in the classroom. Raise your hand occasionally (if at all), and try to avoid answering questions unless called upon. Sit in the middle or back and focus your attention on the teacher.
    • If participation counts towards your grade, then raise your hand enough to get a grade that you are satisfied with.
    • Raising your hand often may cause people to think you are a nerd. However, if you think nerds are cool, then go for it!
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    Find friends who share your interests. Don't feel like you need to slip off the radar altogether—school becomes much easier if you have the support of like-minded friends. Find a group that is fun and relaxing to hang out with, and stick together.
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    Don't get into trouble or hang around with trouble makers. Getting in trouble will definitely get you noticed—and not in a good way at all.
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    Avoid going to parties that are held by the most popular groups in school. Everyone talks about those parties, and you do not want your name linked up to them.
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    Go to parties of your friends, and people you usually hang around with. Do the same with school-related events. Stick to your own crowd, where you will be surrounded by others like you.
    • You may wish to join clubs related to your interests, and get all your social interaction there.
    • Small groups may be more fun for you than big parties.
    • However, don't feel like you need to avoid meeting people altogether! If someone seems nice, go right ahead.
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    Avoid spending too much time on social networking. It can drain your energy, and the more effort you put into it, the more people will notice you online. Keep most of your social interaction in person, or on anonymous websites that aren't connected with your school.
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    Be kind to others, and never gossip or talk trash. These can deeply hurt others' feelings, and it will bring you to the forefront of their minds in a very bad way. Avoid talking trash about people, classes, or events. If you don't like something or someone, try a shrug and a noncommittal "It's okay" or "She and I don't really click, so I don't hang out with her much."
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    Keep things quiet. Share personal news (e.g. breakups, successes) within your small social circle, rather than announcing them to the world. Do your best to present a serene face to the outside world, and save your inner struggles for a few close friends, family members, or trusted adults who can listen and keep a secret.
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    Don't allow your desire to be obscure hinder your ability to enjoy life. It's fine to want to keep a small social circle, avoid drama, and sail smoothly through school. However, it's unhealthy to cut yourself off from the world entirely. Find people and things you love and enjoy them. Don't worry too much about whether others notice or not.


  • If you are too quiet people will sometimes remember you as being the quiet kid. There is nothing wrong with being "that quiet kid."
  • Be polite, smile, do not ignore others or talk about others. Being kind and hardworking will help you. You probably will not 'stand out', but you will be happy, and enjoy yourself in school
  • Don't give out your e-mail address. People in school will bug you online.
  • Try to act normal and modest around other people. Talk to a minimal amount when you aren't near friends.


  • Remember, your main goal in school is to learn, and build a good life for yourself in the future. Many of the friends you make now, you may never meet again, have friends but don't revolve your life around them. Your high grades will enable you to be anything you want to be. That is what remains.
  • Nobody remembers the people in school who blended in with the crowd. You may have to face the embarrassment of nobody knowing who you are at your school reunion.
  • If you are trying to change because of bullying, mental illness, or self-harm, don't face this alone. Find a trusted adult (parent, teacher, school counselor) and tell them what's going on. You deserve to get help, and you deserve a safe and comfortable education.

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