How to Avoid Catching a Cold This Winter

There are over 200 common cold viruses, not to mention several flu bugs that circulate, constantly evolving, during the winter. While the majority of us will have an immunity which is more than strong enough to fight them off with little cause for concern, who wants to feel below par at this time of year? Talent management have some simple tips that can help you to avoid catching the ‘lurgy’ this season. Here’s our top five:


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    Stay clean. Basic hygiene techniques can help you to avoid the office cold so remember to wash your hands or use an alcohol based hygiene gel after you may have touched something that could be carrying infection. The most important area to keep clean is probably your computer keyboard. Germs love keyboards and yours may be harbouring up to five times as many as the office toilet! Invest in some antibacterial wipes and clean you keyboard before you start work in the morning, this is particularly important if you share keyboards with others.
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    Get some sleep. Everyone is more susceptible to viruses when they are run-down so getting your beauty sleep could be even more important during the colder months. Seven or eight hours a night is ideal and should keep you on form but quality of sleep is crucial too, so try to avoid falling to sleep with background distractions like the TV on, and take time to wind down before you drop off.
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    Eat well. Be sure to eat well at this time of year as optimum levels of vitamins and minerals, like zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D can really help your body to fend off infection. Other helpful foods include anti-viral garlic, immune boosting echinacea and probiotic foods and drinks.
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    Keep warm. Some scientists think that cold viruses can sit dormant inside peoples noses until triggered by cold weather so it won’t hurt to keep wrapped up this winter and maybe hide your nose behind a warm scarf in colder weather.
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    Exercise. Another great immunity booster is regular exercise so don’t get complacent about your fitness just because it’s colder.

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