How to Avoid Internet Scams While Starting a Home Business

Internet savvy entrepreneurs know that the ‘Net is where the money is, but many an incredible website that hypes a perfect work from home opportunity will actually seek to fleece you rather than get your working at home. The site illustrates the efficacy of the program being offered by displaying photos of a happy mom or dad with kids admiringly looking up at the parents. Even as the actual business opportunity is not discussed but for the most rudimentary mentions, a trifling investment of a mere $19.95 supposedly permits you to receive a starter kit that contains not only the details of the business opportunity but all the materials needed to get started and thus start your own home business.

While it sounds too good to be true, it also begs the question how you can recognize a one in a lifetime opportunity and then differentiate it from your daily garden variety scam? As you ask how to start your own business from home while avoiding Internet scams, you must take a three step approach.


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    If the opportunity were bona fide and truly as profitable as the website states, why is it advertised via an unsolicited e-mail campaign? In addition to the foregoing, why is the email not addressed to you but some odd sounding alias, and why is the return address not the same as stated on the email itself? In other words, why have you been spammed? An honest to goodness home business opportunity is not advertised via unsolicited email.
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    Avoid the common Internet scam that seeks to persuade you that skills – which take experts in the field years or even decades to hone – can be yours via a home study course that spans little more than one month. By and large the professions for this home business opportunity are real estate appraiser or gemologist. The scam behind this promise is the notion that course material must be purchased and then mastered upon which you are promised to be offered valid leads in your area. While it sounds good, the fact that the training course may be as much as a couple thousand dollars should warn you off!
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    Fad or fiction? As you are surfing the web you come across the amazing supplements that may cause 30 pounds of weight loss in one week, grow curly locks on bald pates, or enhance certain aspects of the male anatomy. As proof you will be regaled with alleged testimonials and wonderful sounding marketing information. Even as it sounds like a great multi level marketing opportunity, you will notice that the company is not talking about bringing other distributors into the business. By and large it will be claimed that she or he is only looking for a limited number of apprentices – a sure tip off that the site owner is setting up an affiliate network for themselves but will not see you as a down line recruit but instead little more than a cash generating sales person who will get a small percentage of a much larger pie. You will be wise to move on and not sign up for odd supplements in the first place and only bona fide MLM opportunities in the second. Do not become someone’s underpaid affiliate in an effort to work from home!

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