How to Avoid Repeating Clothes

Most of us love dressing up in a unique way, and would love to avoid repeating our clothes. But that is not feasible unless you plan to haul the stores every month. However, here is how you can try to not repeat your outfits.


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    Arrange your wardrobe/closet. It is very important to note that a messy wardrobe only adds on your confusion every morning. Keeping it organised will help you keep a track of all the shirts/blouses/tops you actually have but never wear. Start your organization.
    • Stack all your denims, skirts, cargo pants and basically all the bottoms in one section.
    • Arrange the shirts and other clothing items in another section. Then, subdivide them into shirts, tops, tanks and t-shirts. This might seem tedious. But, it's not. It actually helps you decide what to wear very easily.
    • If you are a girl, arrange all your dresses separately.
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    Churn your wardrobe. Whenever your clothes come back from the laundry, make it a point to put the freshly washed clothes UNDER the clothes that are already there. Most of the time people tend to pick out what they first come in contact with in the morning and it is unfortunately the same clothing item they wore two days ago. This method will make sure you don't repeat your clothes for at least two to three weeks.
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    Pre-plan your outfits. If you are not a morning person, and are extremely busy at the same time, try to decide what you will be wearing on any particular day, one night before. This will give you a breather and lots of time to decide what you will be wearing as well.
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    Accessorize. Sometimes, nothing from the above works. You are too busy or too lazy. But that cannot come your way. Go for a scarf or a jacket or a cardigan or any other clothing item and throw it on the outfit you wore two days ago. Most people will not notice. If you are wearing a dress you wore probably even yesterday, most people will fall for this trick.
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    Keep a check on your wardrobe. Things might get messy and the organization you did in Step 1 might fail, miserably. Therefore, it is better to keep a check on your sections and make sure they are properly in place once in a while, maybe a month.
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    Be patient. If you aren't able to follow these steps and nothing of this works for you, don't give up. Keep trying. It will happen someday.
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    Have fun! The most important thing is to have fun with your clothes. If you are a shopaholic, you are lucky because that totally reduces the chance of wearing the same clothing item frequently. If you are not, relax! You do not need to spend all the money you have on clothes. In the end, the way you carry off your clothes and personality matters the most!


  • Avoid buying too many clothes of the same type. They look similar and even if you do not repeat clothes, it will seem like you do.

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