How to Babysit Your Sister

Babysitting your baby sister can be fun but hard. Here's how to do it


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    Be prepared. Is she a baby or toddler or young girl? You will have to change diapers, feed them and play with them. Turning the TV on keeps them occupied, put on suitable shows: Barney, Elmo, Dora, Noddy, Peppa Pig are good ideas, but don't let them watch: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Incredible Hulk (BIG TIME), 2012 and Planet Of The Apes 1 or 2, Harry Potter (all episodes) and 2012 Doomsday. Keep the remote away from them so they don't change the channel.
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    Make it safe. Leaving knives around might kill them, and open sockets are dangerous. Don't leave them outside to play when it gets dark. They might get stolen or worse, murdered. Don't let them sleep on sofas; they will roll off.
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    Where will she sleep? Position the cot away from the TV so she won't wake up, or if she's a toddler, don't add loads of toys. She might get out and fall.
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    One hour before you babysit, leave some toys out. Leave dolls out too, so she can play 'house'. Cover all sockets, make it safe and start babysitting!
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    Keep an eye on her. Shut the door so she can't get out, and putting the crib in another room should be avoided. Putting the crib under the stairs should be avoided because she will get cold, lonely and hungry.
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    Keep her entertained. Turn on the TV or computer will keep her entertained, but don't let her watch Internet screamers. Searching 'Barney swears' on YouTube comes up with rude videos, and one comes up with a scary picture at the end, so Barney didn't swear at all. Don't let her watch 'The Story Of Bad Elmo', he shows up with a knife and might scare her. Searching 'Elmo Kills Barney' comes up with a video that involves blood. Avoid searching 'The Story Of Bad Peppa Pig', she has a knife too. Puppet shows will keep her entertained, toys work well too. Try making a show that's suitable, like 'The Barney Show' or 'Elmo's World. Don't make a show about fighting or murder, for example 'Barney VS Elmo' or 'Elmo Gets Murdered'.
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    Get her to sleep. Putting her to sleep in a stroller is recommended, because if you want to watch (eg. Harry Potter), you can turn it around and she won't see it.


  • Remember, just keep her safe and entertained.
  • When they get hungry, feed them healthy stuff like milk, or carrot sticks if they have teeth, don't ignore her or give her a load of sweets! You could come across as a mean older brother or sister.
  • The Simpsons involves violence, so don't let them watch it.
  • Do NOT put them in a high chair to watch Family Guy over and over again.


  • Don't try throwing her in the air. You could miss.

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