How to Balance a Social Life and an Academic Life

Have you been disappointed when you get to school on Monday morning, just to hear about how much fun all your friends had the previous Friday or Saturday night? By learning these steps to be successful, both in school and in your social life, will be an advantage in your present and future life. If you never want to have to nod through a conversation on how good a movie was again, then these steps, tips, and warnings will hopefully be of some assistance.


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    Stay Organized! This applies mostly to students with a block schedule. Being that we have each class only once every 2 days, it would be a good idea to always do the homework the day it is given. That way you are never behind, and you will be able to have a say of doing whatever you want, at any time.
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    Don't Fall Behind! As a busy student, we all know that missing something can lead to a bad grade, which is why if you want to go do something with friend on Friday or Saturday, it is important that you have your priorities in check. Meaning that if you have a make up test, or late homework due, you should give your time to that, rather than hanging out.
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    Schedule Fairly! Don't waste all your time studying, but that doesn't mean you can show up to take a test without being prepared. You must designate certain amounts of time to each of your priorities. The more important a project or assignment, the more time should be allotted for it. Usually, studying after homework is completed is a good method.
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    Ask For Help! If at any time, it seems to overwhelming for you (handling both social and academic lives) then don't be afraid to go to a friend and ask how it is that they manage. If the difficulty is because of lack of understanding in a course or unit, ask the teacher or another adult to help you. Peers are also good sources to go to if tutoring is necessary.
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    Communicate! There is no way you will have a social life if you never try to make yourself known of by your peers. This is why communicating is crucial in order to balance both a social and academic life. Call up your friend to see what she or he is up to on Friday night. If there is a party of some kind planned, see if you can tag along.
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    Be sure to understand what you're learning! You must be an expert in each area of knowledge needed to balance a social and academic life. Ask any adult, and they will almost always tell you, school comes first. If going to the mall to "hang out" is ruining your grades, tone that part down a little and catch up with your work. That's the meaning of balance.


  • Study groups will be a life saver when you doubt whether or not you will be able to balance a social and academic life.
  • Having other people help you understand something in addition to your teacher can be the difference between passing and failing a class.


  • Be careful when choosing when and where to go. Ask you parents before running off with someone you believe is a friend, to a party that you do not know much about. Safety first!
  • If you don't understand a necessary area of knowledge, then ask for help! Don't be ashamed to ask questions, because only then will you improve in any area.
  • If you do fall behind: Don't panic! just designate a few hours in order to catch up! Falling behind doesn't have to ruin your chances at balancing a social and academic life. Just take time to get things under control as soon as possible.

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