How to Bathroom Hop at School

At lunch in school, does the lunchroom just get too loud and noisy, or that annoying person just doesn't leave you alone? This article will teach you how to bathroom hop, which means eating your lunch in bathrooms.


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    Know how to hop occasionally. When doing this once or very rarely, bathroom hopping should be relatively easy. Just simply enter a stall, and eat your lunch. If it comes wrapped in aluminum foil or something, make sure to be very quiet. The goal of bathroom hopping to to show people you're just using the toilet, no big deal.
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    Know how to be discreet when hopping often. When you hop more than just that rare once or twice, you have to learn a little bit more. Constantly using the same toilet might invoke a "Hey, I've seen you before!" action, something that you are aiming to avoid.
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    Eat quietly. As mentioned above, if your lunch comes in a paper bag, aluminum foil, or plastic, try waiting for the bathroom to be empty. You could also wait for a loud flush, the hand-drier machine, or another loud noise that can cover up the sound. You don't want people to hear the sound of your chewing and think that you're eating lunch!
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    Eat neatly. Dropping crumbs all over the floor is a dead giveaway.
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    Change your shoes. Even in different stalls, try having more than one pair of shoes available, or a very generic brand and color. Flashing or sparkling or just unusual shoes will be noticed and remembered.
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    Don't panic if recognized or called out. Do not answer the person, and assume they are talking to someone else. They may be bluffing, or talking to someone else.
    • Unless the person specifically points you out (ie. Hey! Guy in the third stall!), don't answer him or her. If you can, put on an accent so they don't recognize your voice the next time they hear it. Avoid that bathroom for a few weeks or so, making sure that you're clear.
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    Never use the teacher/faculty bathroom. As clever as it seems (and you may think that no other students will recognize you), most teachers know each other and will call out whoever they think you are. Teachers sometimes even have conversations in entry bathrooms, and if they suspect you're a student then you're busted.
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    Make sure you're not noticed. If you constantly hop, people will question where you've been during lunch. Just give them a clam answer like "I just get extra help in math", or "not really hungry." It has to fit you, though. For instance, don't say "I needed help for science" if you have an A+ in Science.


  • Learn how to bolt. It's not the healthiest idea, but bolting down your lunch gets you out of there more quickly, and lowers your chances of being caught.
  • If a faculty member uses a student bathroom, play it cool.


  • In some schools, eating in bathrooms can get you suspended.
  • It will be very humiliating if you get caught eating in the bathroom.
  • Bathrooms are rarely sanitary. Make sure that your eating space is clean, or you may just get sick.

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