How to Be a 21st Century Sex Goddess

Marilyn Monroe is one of the few women, whose look and persona is constantly being reproduced time and time again. She was multi-dimensional and timeless. A modern day Sex Goddess is also multi-dimensional. She is confident and has a powerful personal presence.

So, let's rejoice, the time has come to bring back the pleasure of being a woman who knows what she wants and is comfortable defining her sensuality on her terms.

This article is all about "Bringing Sexy Back" It is time to have some fun.


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    Define what being a Sex Goddess means to you. Is she the sultry silent type? Marlene Dietrich comes to mind. Is she bold and sassy? How about Mae West? Is she beautiful and unforgettably exotic? Angela Basset is a great example. Who pops into your head?
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    Remember that we all have our own style. Who are you? Are you a sex kitten i.e. Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe? Are you the exotic type? Think... Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie, two very daring and erotic women. Are you the cool and classic type i.e. Jackie Kennedy or Scarlett Johansson? Think about it.
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    Once you have discovered your type. Do some research; read a few biographies of women who turned the world inside out with their charm, personality, and some times unconventional ways. Being a Sex Goddess is all about being unforgettable.
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    Go shopping. Allow yourself the joy and pleasure of pampering yourself with a few items that excite you. A Sex Goddess always has an arsenal of clothing, accessories, and at least one signature fragrance that makes her memorable. So, go out there, be playful, and enjoy yourself as you rediscover yourself.
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    Get professional help if you are not sure how to put your look together. It is okay to seek assistance. It is important that your selections flatter you and your body type. Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. Your wardrobe should showcase your assets and you should feel confident and sexy in your clothes. Remember, confidence is a very attractive quality.
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    Test drive your new look. Once you have taken the time to discover your style, shop for your new look, and put it all together. Go out and have some fun. This is your time to shine. Select a venue that makes you feel incredible and where you know you will turn heads. This is your chance to be erotic, exotic, playful, sexy, or whatever mood decides to flow through you. Enjoy the attention and give people something surprising and pleasant to talk about.
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    Be Unique. Offer interesting conversation. What are some of your specialties or favorite hobbies/interests? People are hungry for something different. Life has become dull and gray. Be the spark that lights up a room. Do your homework and be fearless in your choice of topics.
  8. 8
    Or, Be the silent and mysterious type. Make people wonder what you are thinking? A few select comments here and there that keep people coming back for more.
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    Ignore the naysayers. Your decision to recreate or create a sexier persona is going to meet with some criticism. Remember you are a Goddess and let their comments roll off your back. You can please some of the people some of the time, but most important is being happy with who you are.

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