How to Be a Beautiful Curvy Woman

There is no weight requirement to being a (big) beautiful curvy woman. You've been blessed with your gorgeous curves; that hourglass shape!!


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    Highlight your waist.
    • If you've got a waist, make the most of it: it gives hourglass figures balance and makes you the envy of all those women with no shape!
    • If you have no waist, go for a large jacket with a belt to give the illusion of one - it's very flattering.
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    Try out High Heels.
    • "For every centimeter of heel you lose a kilo in weight," according to Marina Rinaldi. Heels make you taller, longer and leaner, but they can tire you out quickly, so go for boots during the day and save your stilettos for the evening if you struggle with foot ache. A good advice: High heels and a suit with a belted jacket can make anyone look instantly slimmer.
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    Highlight your best assets.
    • Follow your curves. Jennifer Lopez has a classic curvaceous figure and knows how to work it, but remember: no two curvy girls are the same.
    • If you have a toned, peachy derriere like Jen, go for a dress that will cling in all the right places to show them off.
    • If you have real authentic 1950s curves, nip your waist in to show them off.
    • If you're tall, put your legs on display in shorts. The golden rule is never to hide your curves but to dress them up subtly.
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    Flaunt them.
    • All the stick insects within a 3-mile radius are jealous of your jugs and men just can't help but stare. So make the most of your assets without going weird - you wouldn't want to make anyone else feel inadequate, naturally... Go for dresses with plunging necklines, open blouses, trench-style coats and jackets to show off your decollete.


  • The average size in the UK is a 16, not a 6! 40% of French women and 45% of German women are also a size 16+. However, times are changing for the better, partly thanks to a host of curvy celebs who are out to show us all you don't need to starve yourself to be sexy...quite the contrary.
  • Accept your body and your shape, accept the fact that you're never going to be a size 0 and accept that you wouldn't want to be! It's also important to accept that you're allowed the occasional pig-out and that as long as you're sensible and get enough exercise you'll be happy and healthy, which is all more than can be said for some size 0s - when was the last time anyone saw Victoria Beckham smile?!
  • Ask any man who his ultimate fantasy would be and it'll be a toss-up between Scarlett Johansson and Salma Hayek rather than skinny minnies such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston or Nicole Kidman. Scarlett has repeatedly been voted the most beautiful woman in the world and sexiest woman in the world.
  • In demand---Curvy girls have never been so sought-after: just look at classic English rose Kate Winslet, beautiful Liv Tyler, Latin lovely Shakira and bootylicious BeyoncĂ©.
  • Just because you're not stick insect doesn't mean you can't wear shorts, which is good news because there are some gorgeous pairs around at the minute for both smart and casual. Balance your look out well and you can look fabulous in shorts - just wear them with a bit of confidence! If you haven't got matchstick legs and knock knees, all the more reason to show off a pair of sexy pins. Go for styles that cover the tops of your thighs and match with a slightly decollete top that goes down to your waist, for a subtle, sensual look.
  • For want of a better word, men see women as a complete 'package': looks, body, style and personality all rolled into one. They don't pick out every little fault and weak point like women do: they're not going to notice what you think is a flabby stomach or thunder thighs, so there's really no point getting hung up over what he doesn't even notice! What's more, self-confidence is a big factor in sex appeal, so if you're confident with your body men will find it all the more sexy.
  • She's one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, yet she won female hearts worldwide too for baring her cellulite in Lost In Translation and still looking impossibly sexy. It's very true that it's only women who dream of having a figure like Victoria Beckham, whereas men prefer us with a bit of meat on our bones. Love your body.
  • We're so used to seeing sickly-looking stick insects on the catwalk and in magazines that it's no real surprise we have a slightly warped view of what the average is.


  • Respect curvy women. Respect skinny women. Respect curvy skinny women. Respect curve-less women of all sizes (skinny, average-sized, bigger). Respect bigger women. Respect overweight women. Respect possibly (severely) underweight/(severely) obese women. There is absolutely nothing that makes one GENETIC BODY TYPE "realer" than the other. A body altered by extreme exercise/diet/starvation/surgery is different than a natural shape. Don't assume someone is overweight because they're lazy or they overeat. Don't assume the next super thin girl you see on the street is anorexic or bulimic. Take frame size into account (small bones, average-sized bones, larger bones).
  • Celebrate ALL body types. There is beauty in EVERYONE (and everything!)
  • There's beauty all around us; everywhere. Working on broadening your own personal definition is one of the easiest and best steps to wider-spread change!
  • Only 8% of women are genetically endowed with an hourglass ("curvy") shape... and they come in all sizes.

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