How to Be a Conservative Girl

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When people hear the word "conservative" they usually think about politics, but being a conservative girl is more than a political identity. It's a way of living. This article will give you pointers on how you can embrace (or, if you like, just emulate) the life of a conservative girl.


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    Decide what you mean by "conservative." Conservative is defined as "Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change; traditional or restrained in style; moderate, cautious."
    • "Conservative" can apply to a girl's looks, lifestyle choices or political views.
    • You can be a conservative girl in any of those ways alone, or all together. It's your choice.

Method 1
Conservative Appearance

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    Get the right clothes. Choose well-tailored clothes that flatter your figure, and are not too revealing or flashy.
    • Begin building your wardrobe around neutral colors (black, white, grey, brown, navy), and add color as an accent.
    • Basic pieces like button-up shirts, shirtdresses, nice slacks, blazers and sweaters are good pieces to start with.
    • You can still be fashionable, but steer clear of items that are too tight, short or low-cut.
    • Little things make a difference, like buttoning just one more button on your shirt, or layering a cami under a sweater that is a little too clingy.
    • Don't wear tops with low necklines as to show cleavage, it is important not to show too much skin. Or if you are wearing a collared shirt, consider doing up all of the buttons. This has an effect on the rest of your outfit as well, making you appear more prim, proper, sensible and conservative (the desired effect!).
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    Choose appropriate accessories. Keep jewelry and other accessories modest, tasteful and classic.
    • Pearl strands, diamond or CZ studs, and tennis bracelets are all examples of classic jewelry.
    • A pretty print scarf, a glittery brooch or a single statement necklace are easy ways to add a bit of color and style while remaining tasteful.
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    Pick a classic hairstyle. Conservative girls keep their hair well maintained but basic.
    • Basic hairstyles are best. A bob or a cut with soft layers are both solid choices. A neat bun or ponytail are also good options.
    • It's fine to color your hair, but stick to natural hair colors. You won't find too many conservative girls with green streaks in their hair.
    • Whatever style you choose, keeping your hair neat is key.
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    Keep your makeup simple and understated. Stick with neutral, natural looking colors.
    • Apply makeup with a light hand. Too much makeup can look fake and cheap.
    • If you like to use bright makeup, choose one part of your face to highlight and keep the rest understated. A really red lipstick would call for more subtle eye makeup; if you love a bright eyeshadow, choose a neutral lip color or just opt for a colorless gloss.
    • A tasteful tattoo is OK, but you might want to get it in an area you can easily cover up with clothing.

Method 2
Conservative Lifestyle and Philosophy

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    Embrace the lifestyle. A girl who chooses a conservative lifestyle is reserved, prudent, careful and polite. She might seem a bit old-fashioned, but above all, she respects herself and others.
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    Respect yourself and your body. Conservative girls respect themselves, their bodies and their health. They take good care of themselves.
    • Make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy foods and get some regular exercise.
    • Visit your doctor and dentist regularly for checkups.
    • Don't use alcohol or other substances to excess; better yet, don't use them at all.
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    Respect others. Conservative girls use good manners, practice good etiquette, and are always very polite.
    • Don't interrupt when others are speaking. Wait your turn to talk.
    • Say "please," "thank you," and "excuse me."
    • Refer to people as "Mr." or "Ms." unless they tell you to use their first name.
    • Be helpful whenever you can. Hold doors open for others (yes, females can do this just as well as males), or give your seat on the bus to an older person who is standing.
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    Have fun dating, but be prudent. Conservative girls can have a great dating and love life, while still maintaining some reserve.
    • Let guys approach you. Avoid being overly flirtatious or throwing yourself at a potential date.
    • You don't necessarily have to wait until marriage to have sex, but try to wait as long as possible to have sex with someone you're dating. (This is another way to respect yourself!)
    • Don't brag about your conquests. A conservative girl doesn't kiss and tell.
    • Focus more on the personality, interests, and values when looking for a date; not just on physical or sexual attraction.
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    Listen to more mature, clean cut, music. Although you can enjoy any type of music, conservative tends to stick to country music, Christian and Gospel music, adult contemporary (think like Mariah Carey and Michael Buble), oldies/classic rock, and the current Top 40 hits. Rap, alternative, and some forms of rock music (unless it is Kid Rock or something similar) is out of the picture. Classical and jazz music could be enjoyed by conservative girls, especially if it is worship/religious music.
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    Take a smart, prudent approach to money and finances. A girl who is conservative will generally be very careful with her money. She recognizes that it's important to be financially prepared for the future.
    • Make a budget and stick to it. Always include some money for savings in your budget.
    • Avoid getting into debt. If you are in debt, make a plan for paying it off.
    • Make prudent investments. You don't want to lose the money you've saved up. Thoroughly investigate any investment opportunity before signing on.

Method 3
Conservative Politics

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    Know what it means to be politically conservative. If you want to identify with a conservative political stance, you have to know what it means. Political conservatives commonly believe in:
    • Economic liberty, lower taxes and a free market economy
    • A small government and individual rights of citizens
    • An "original intent" approach to Constitutional law
    • A strong national defense system
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    Know the difference between political and social conservatism. Many political conservatives also believe in traditional social values. These may include:
    • An emphasis on faith, family and religion
    • Belief in traditional marriage and other family values
    • Belief that abortion should be severely restricted.
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    Educate yourself on political parties. You don't have to join or affiliate with a political party, but learning about them is a good starting place.
    • Read the platforms of conservative-leaning political groups. Most conservatives identify with the Republican Party.
    • Also read up on the Tea Party and Libertarian Party.
    • Decide which, if any, resonates with you.


  • Educate yourself on the core topics that are important to you. You'll be able to discuss them more readily if someone asks you about your beliefs.
  • Don't let your friends pressure you into changing. If they're really your friends, they won't try to make you change.
  • Just because you are conservative doesn't mean you have to be a housewife. Feel free to pursue any career you want that is compatible with your beliefs.

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