How to Be a Dream Trance Princess

A dream trance princess is a girl who is dreamy, enchanting, and hypnotic. She is royal, beautiful and perfect. She haunts you while you sleep, and is the most beautiful in all the land. This is how to be a dream trance princess.


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    Fix your hair. Dream trance princess girls usually have vintage curls. Their curls are bouncy, shiny, soft and begging to be touched. You can achieve this with hot oil treatments once a week. Hot oil treatments help your hair grow faster, make it shinier, softer, and healthier. Also, give yourself a scalp massage every day. This promotes growth and distributes your natural oils throughout your hair. Brush your hair with a boar bristle brush for a few strokes for extra softness. Use curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner every 3-4 days. Lather up really well before rinsing and applying conditioner from root to tip. Try to use sulfate and silicone free products. When you have finished your shower, you can do pin curls, finger curls, or roller curls. If your hair is too bouncy, you can comb it out. Hair inspiration can be Lana Del Rey in the Young and Beautiful music video, Veronica Lake, or Jessica Rabbit. If you have very short hair, you'll need a wig.
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    Perfect your skin. A dream trance princess never has pimples. She keeps her skin soft, dewy, and clear. You can do this by steaming your skin before washing with an acne wash. Exfoliate with plain sugar. Splash with cold water, rub with an ice cube, tone with lemon juice, and apply a generous amount of moisturizer. Use under eye cream if you can to stop those bags and dark circles and even prevent wrinkles. Remember to wash your body with a lavender body wash and moisturize with lavender lotion.
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    Add some scent. Lavender is a relaxing scent and makes you sleepy. Have some lavender perfume on and use lavender beauty products. It would be nice to have a small lavender plant in your room. You can use a lavender scent in your locker also to show everyone how dreamy you are. Scent your papers with lavender. Simply make sure everything smells like lavender at all times.
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    Apply dream trance princess makeup. Makeup is very important. Dream trance princesses need to look dreamy and princessy at the same time. This can be done with deep plum cat eyeliner, which is especially suitable for blue-grey, hazel, and green eyes. Add some white shadow on your eye lid and a bronze shade in the crease. This will create large, deep set eyes. To create the bedroom eyes look, popularized by Marilyn Monroe, cat line your top lid in deep plum, add white on your waterline and extend a bit past the end, and flick slightly down on a line on your bottom lid. This will make your eyes look sleepy and seductive. If your skin isn't perfect use concealer on your blemishes. Try to avoid foundation unless your skin is very uneven. A pale blush on the apples of your cheeks makes you look youthful and happy. Apply a beautiful shade of pale pink on your lips to complete the look. The focus should be your eyes. If you want to contour you can, but it is not necessary. Nails can be lavender, pale pink, nude, French manicure, sky blue, crimson, or glitter.
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    Dress the part. Your fashion sense should be impeccable. Dreamy clothes are flowing and princess clothes are dresses, so you should have lovely flowing dresses. Ruffles, lace, sparkles, embroidery, velvet, and pastels are lovely. You can add some dreamy darker colors too, but not all the time. Your main color palette should be violet, blue, white, and pink. Any shade of these are lovely. Clothes should be any vintage dress or blouse and skirt combo. If you must wear pants, skin tight is the way to go, and pair it with a really girly and loose top. Shoes can be high heels, knee high boots, or even combat boots. Sneakers are a definite don't, no matter how trendy they are. Combat boots should only be worn with extremely girl outfits that you want to edge up a bit. Accessories can be tiny handbags to hold your handkerchief, perfume, lipstick, money, and smartphone, dainty pearl necklaces, diamond earrings, and pretty stockings.
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    Be healthy and stay in shape. Don't be too skinny, don't be too muscly, and don't be overweight. If you have curves, those are gorgeous, but if you are considered "fat" then it is time to get in shape. Nobody dreams about slobs chewing their food loudly. Daintily eat and jog a few times a week and your appearance will be amazing. If you need to gain weight, drink some protein shakes and eat plenty while working out to get in tip-top shape.
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    Have manners and etiquette. Every princess has manners. Read Emily Post's etiquette book and apply it to your daily life.
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    Be sweet like vanilla is. Be kind to everyone, even those who are mean to you. Give favors to everyone and be as nice to them as possible. Make sure everyone knows you are a sweetheart.
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    Be hypnotic. Look into someone's eyes with a seductive stare. Pout your lips slightly. Smile a little. Talk in a slow, deep voice. Remember that your eyes should put everyone in a trance. Listen to some hypnotists to know how to talk. People should see intensity in your face and they should feel relaxed by your voice.
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    Walk the talk. Walk slowly and daintily, like you are really an angel flying over the ground. Your feet should be silent while your dress billows over them. Also, do what you say and say what you mean.
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    Act royal. Don't flaunt it, but carry a few "real" pieces around, like a real designer handbag or real diamonds or real pearls. You will instantly seem richer. Hold your head up high and respect your elders and authority. Be cultured and know French.
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    Sleep like a princess. If you truly are a dream trance princess, you should look like one while you are asleep! Make sure your skin is perfect and apply some Vaseline to your eyelashes. Use some lip balm. Set your hair up in curlers and wear a flowing nightgown. Only put in your hair curlers when everyone is done seeing you and you are in your room ready for sleep. Until then, your hair should be brushed and hopefully a little curled still from the day before. Lay your head down on your lavender silk pillowcase and have sweet dreams.
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    Have a talent. Dream trance princesses have a talent and everyone knows it. You can sing in a deep, seductive, powerful voice, draw beautiful realistic pictures, write romantic novels, be an amazing ballet dancer, or anything you want.

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  • lavender essence, perfume and scent
  • Flowing dresses

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