How to Be a Feminine Guy

Many men are now choosing to get in touch with their softer feminine side. This guide is merely a series of numbered tips, none of which need to be carried out in any particular order, to become more feminine in manner and appearance. Take what you want from this article, may it be helpful or joking. And remember that you and only you should decide how you appear, not anyone else or their own opinions.


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    Maintain your hair. Long, feminine hair is one of the single most important things in the feminine beauty. Done correctly, it can be amazingly beautiful, and simple at the same time. The key to having luscious hair is to moisturize and wash daily. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditions every day when you shower. When drying, use soft, gentle motions to prevent pulling.
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    Have a daily regime in mind. Femininity is often described as soft, graceful, elegant, and clean. The key to all this is obviously cleanliness. Shower at least once a day, preferably twice. Buy an oil-free moisturizer, and use it daily! Smooth skin is the essence of beauty. Wash your face multiple times a day using a cleanser like Cetaphil to prevent drying. Lastly, exfoliate your skin as much as possible. By removing dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin, your skin will take on a beautiful, radiant shine and color.
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    Moisturize your lips. Chapped lips not only look disgusting, they can actually be harmful to your health. Chapping and tearing of the lips can create blood blisters or canker sores, which can become infected. Using lip balm will not only improve your image, but also present smooth, healthy lips.
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    Shave Your Body Hair. Body hair is the bane of feminine society. To be feminine is to let go of the ugly body hair that inhabits much of your body. Removing body hair is a simple process, however, and can be done daily. Before shaving any part of your body, always either take a warm shower or wash the part of your body to remove trapped dirt, dust and grime, soften hair follicles, and open pores. For the best image, shave the number of times listed in parenthesis.
    • For your armpits (Daily):
      • Put a generous amount of shaving cream (unscented is best) into the hand opposite of the armpit you are currently shaving.
      • Place your arm up over your head so that the armpit to be shaved is taut. Starting from the top of your armpit, take gentle, smooth strokes downward, picking up the razor every so often to wash off hair and start afresh.
      • Go up now, taking gentle, smooth strokes and making sure to stop every so often to wash off hair and restart.
      • Now go side to side, left to right and right to left, so that the awkward hairs are shaved clean.
      • Wash off any remaining shaving cream and run your hand over your armpit to feel for any stray hairs.
      • Repeat this process with the opposite armpit.
    • For your chest (Every other day):
      • Lather a generous amount of shaving cream onto your chest, starting at your neck and moving down to the underwear line, right below your belly button.
      • Starting from the left, take slow, smooth strokes upward, stopping to clean out hair every so often.
      • Continue this process across your entire chest, avoiding your nipples and belly button, which we will come back to.
      • Once shaved all the way to the left, lather around your nipples and carefully shave around, avoiding the nipple itself at all costs. Cutting your nipple is extremely painful, so avoid getting the razor too close.
      • Wash the remaining shaving cream off and check for any straggling hairs.
    • For your legs (Every 2 days):
      • Apply a generous amount of shaving cream to one leg, starting at the hip and moving down to the knee.
      • Take careful, smooth strokes from the knee up, being careful not to go too fast as to cut yourself. Stop often and wash away straggling hairs in the razor.
      • Having reached the hip area, stop and go the opposite direction, cleaning the razor as needed.
      • Once finished, apply shaving cream to the knee area down to the ankle, and begin shaving, starting from the ankle up.
      • When you reach the ankle, go the opposite direction to ensure all hairs are shaved. Stop to clean the razor as necessary.
    • For your arms (Every other day):
      • Apply a generous amount of shaving cream to the top of your arm, starting from the shoulder and moving down to the hand.
      • Shave with light, gentle, starting at the shoulder and moving down to your the top of your hand.
      • Once finished, reverse direction and shave from the bottom up.
      • Next, apply a generous amount of shaving cream to the bottom of your arm, starting at the armpit (if you are shaving your armpits as well).
      • Shave very gently starting from the armpit, and working your way down, gently shave your wrist for only a few strokes (little hair grows on the wrist).
      • Once finished, reverse direction back up to the armpit.
      • Wash off any remaining shaving cream and check for stray hairs. Then, switch to the opposite arm and repeat these steps.
    • For your feet (Daily):
      • Apply a generous amount of shaving cream to the top and side of your foot, and your toes.
      • Slowly and gently shave your foot and toes, starting from the end farthest from you, and work your up to your ankle.
      • Reverse direction and shave towards your toes.
      • Wash off any remaining shaving cream and check for any stray hairs.
      • Repeat these steps for the opposite foot.
    • Once you have finished shaving the areas of your body you desire, wait for approximately 30 minutes, and then apply an oil-free moisturizer generously to the area to avoid redness and ingrown hairs.
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    Consider waxing. Waxing has become a sort of dreaded personal care technique. Horror stories are limitless, and often waxing is not even considered for hair removal. However, horror stories aside, waxing is one of the best and most feminine ways to remove body hair for a much longer time. Consult with friends to find where the best waxing salons are, or do an internet search. Always check to make sure that the license of the store is up to date, that the salon waxier seems to know what she is doing, and that all sanitary codes are followed, including making sure the wax is hot, which is the single greatest deterrent of infection. Waxing is a much more permanent way of removing unwanted bodily hair.
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    Shape your body to be more feminine. The most feminine figure one can obtain is that so-often desired hourglass figure, but in reality, starving oneself to get a perfect body is far from necessary. Remember that the feminine physique includes small shoulders and broad hips. Exercises that tone the lower body muscle, not the upper body, are key here.
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    Dress femininely.Shirts that fit nicely, even snugly, are always more acceptable. Wearing tight jeans also helps. Remember to wear softer colors, including purple and pink, and try to consult with female friends on what clothing would fit your desires best.
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    Wear softer scents. Feminine colognes, perfumes, and sprays do not overpower your look, they add to it. Strong smells will detract from your appearance, not add to it.
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    Be kind, gentle, and caring. The feminine side is caring, loving, and nurturing, not destructive and hateful. Always smile, carry a bright outlook, and live today as if it's your last.


  • Makeup and other feminine attire like lipstick are optional, and it is your choice to use them or not.
  • Subscribe to beauty magazines, and just hang with the girls!
  • Don't forget your nails. Best is to go to a shop and get a mani and pedi but if economics or shyness stops you, one can do a pretty good job of a manicure and pedicure at home. Polish is optional as one can buff nails to a soft sheen or get clear polish which even comes in matte finish making it almost invisible. Use a nice lotion after to help keep away dry skin.
  • Hosiery is a wonderful feeling addition. No one will ever know you are wearing stockings or pantyhose under your pants. You can wear super sheer ones without socks or heavier ones like tights as your socks or medium sheer under your socks.
  • In makeup, all the companies have these new ones they call BB creams. They are super invisible but just make your skin prettier.


  • People always will have opinions that they will more than likely share. Ignore those who make fun of you. You and only you choose to do what you want, and they should have no say in what you do.

Things You'll Need

  • This list is of course corresponding to the lists above.
    1. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a soft towel
    2. Varies, but should include a lotion and face cleanser
    3. Lip balm
    4. Shaving cream and a 3-5 blade razor, a towel or a washcloth
    5. Research on a good waxing salon
    6. Light exercises, a plan of action
    7. Feminine clothing and attire
    8. Soft scented cologne and body sprays
    9. A kind demeanor and stance

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