How to Be a Free Thinker and a Christian

It is tiring to be torn into pieces. To feel in between and some what lost. Confusion over confusion and constant wondering and wandering.


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    Ask questions. We are all raised under different beliefs based on our society, parents, country, culture, and so much more. One way to clear you mind from confusion is to question what you're believing and answers and realization will just flow through.
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    Write it down. When an epiphany hit you, you need to write it down. In that way, you can keep track and form a solid principle and footing between being Agnostic and as a Christian believer.
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    Don't be a bother. As you are just starting a journey as a free thinker and you've been a Christian since birth or for years you will never be exempted from not feeling guilt over not completely subjecting yourself into total surrender to the bible. In contrary, you know that you've done nothing wrong, but it just didn't feels right as the bible tells you so.
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    Meditate. Being a free thinker does not limit us to a non believer of God or to his power or a believer of God to his power. It is completely setting your mind free from anything that hinders you from all possibilities. Meditating of what who you are, what you are and which you're comfortable at, gives you clearer vision to what type of free thinker you are.
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    Experiment. Don't be scared to try new things. Live carefree, dare to take risks but bear in mind that everything you did has a purpose and for a reason. Savour every moment and don't forget to write down your experiences. Take a pause and make sure that your drive to try new things is not preconceived by other people around you.


  • Be happy.
  • Take risks.
  • Free thinking makes you limitless
  • Don't mind too much.
  • Love and Enjoy life


  • Do not be conform with the society. Do not let them manipulate your mind of how words should be define. Never, feel alone, indifferent and unhappy because you are not like them.Never made the mistake of comparison.Never, force your belief to someone else but rather make use of the chance where you can share an enlightenment about what you believe in.

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