How to Be a Good Date

Three Methods:Looking Your BestMaking a Good ImpressionEngaging Your Date

Going on a date is both and exciting and intimidating. Instead of focusing on everything that can go wrong, be yourself and have as much fun as you can. Good conversation and a good attitude are the keys to being a good date. Being nervous is normal, but there are things you can do to increase your chances of having another date.

Method 1
Looking Your Best

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    Dress nicely. Put effort into whatever you wear on your date. You want to feel good about how you look and be confident. Putting effort into how you dress will also show your date that you care about the impression you are trying to make. [1] Also, dress in a way that is appropriate for the activity. You would not wear a dress to go bowling or wear a suit to the beach.
    • Your outfit to go get lunch or coffee may be more casual than what you would wear to a dinner date.
    • If you wear heels, make sure that they are comfortable and you have no problems walking in them. You never know if you will have to do a lot of walking or standing.
    • Highlight your best features. If you have nice legs, you can wear a dress or a skirt. If a certain color brings out your eyes, wear a shirt that shows them off.
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    Wear red if you are a woman. Men are more attracted to women who red than women who wear other colors. Wearing this color encourages men to ask more intimate questions and want to be physically closer to you.[2] In addition to increasing attraction, the color red has been shown to improve people's mood. Your wardrobe choice is a simple way to have a better time on your date.
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    Smile at your date. When you smile, you instantly become more attractive to other people.[3] Smiling during your date tells your date that you are happy and may make your date feel happier as well[4]. If a person feels good around you, he or she will probably want to see you again.
    • Always smile when you greet your date. This will get things off to a good start.

Method 2
Making a Good Impression

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    Be punctual. Time is valuable. If you show up late, you are telling your date that your time is more valuable than his or her time. Being late is sending the wrong message before the date has even started.[5] If you're running late, call ahead to let your date know, or reschedule well in advance.
    • If you are usually late to things, plan to leave extra early . Also, consider the traffic you may encounter on the way.
    • If you are going to a place you have never been before, map it out so you can gauge how long it will take you to get there.
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    Be yourself. A date is a time for you and your date to get to know one another. Don't do or say things that you would usually wouldn't just to get your date's attention or to get them to like you. [6] Your goal is to find someone that you are compatible with and likes you for the person you are. The best way to do this is present your true self while you are on the date.
    • Be truthful about your likes and dislikes and answer questions honestly. There is no need to embellish or make things sound better in an effort to impress your date.
    • If you snort when you laugh really hard, go ahead and let it happen. It is something that makes you unique.
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    Avoid talking about your ex. It is fine to talk about your last relationship if your date asks, but do not go into too much detail or reveal all of the bad things about your ex. You should focus on the present and the possibility of building something with this new person.[7] Talking about your ex can also give the impression that you may bring baggage into a new relationship and can be a turn off to your date.
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    Do not drink too much alcohol. If you are nervous, it may seem like a good idea to have a drink or two to relax. However, drinking too much alcohol may backfire on you.[8] You do not want to say or do something because your inhibitions have been lowered. If you drove yourself to the date, drinking and driving is another reason to limit your alcohol intake.
    • Do not drink more than two alcoholic drinks on your date and make sure you drink some water.
    • Also, if you know that you have a low alcohol tolerance, you may want to refrain from drinking alcohol all together.

Method 3
Engaging Your Date

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    Be polite and considerate. Be polite at all times. Don't expect everything to go your way. When choosing where to go, be prepared to compromise and be open to new things. Also be polite and considerate to any other people you encounter on your date. Being rude to a waiter or a person working at the movie theater will make you look bad.[9]
    • How you treat other people tells your date about the kind of person that you are.
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    Be attentive to the other person. You and your date will feel more connected to each other if you are focused when he or she is talking.[10] If your date is talking about something, ask questions or make comments that show that you are interested in what is being said. Another way to be attentive is to keep your cell phone turned off. It is distracting and rude to reply to phone calls constantly during a date.
    • For example if your date mentions a musical artist or a television show that both of you like, let your date know.
    • If you are expecting an important phone call, let your date know and screen all numbers but the urgent one. Otherwise, turn it off and check your messages later.
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    Engage in good conservation. The conversation can make or break a date. You want to share about yourself and learn about the other person as well. Avoid pre-planned jokes and one-liners as they do not go over as well as spontaneous jokes and more natural conversation.[11] Talk about things that reveal good personal qualities (e.g. generosity, kindness), artistic abilities,and cultural experiences.
    • If you think you are talking about yourself too much, say "Enough about me, let's talk about you..."
    • Do not treat your date as if he or she is on a job interview. No one wants to be interrogated. Instead ask questions about likes and dislikes and really get to know the person. This should be a relaxing and fun time.[12]
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    Be an active listener. The date isn't all about you. It's about learning more about another person and showing them that you are interested. Listen as the other person is talking and do not interrupt. Try to take in what the other person is saying instead of thinking about what your response will be.[13] Your body language should also say that you are listening. You can nod in agreement or lean forward as the other person is talking.
    • Paraphrase what the person says and then ask questions to move the conversation forward.[14] Try saying, "So you're saying..." and then ask a questions.
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    Make eye contact. Looking your date in the eyes communicates that you are interested in what he or she is saying and is a sign of respect. However, you do not want to stare at your date too much. Try looking for 7 to 10 seconds and then look elsewhere.[15] You can look across the room, at another part of your date's face, or at the waiter.
    • Pay attention to how your date responds to the eye contact. If he or she looks uncomfortable or keeps looking away, you may be making too much eye contact.


  • Focus on giving, rather than getting. You will go a long way by always thinking in terms of your date's interests, rather than your own interests.
  • Don't overdo the makeup, perfume, aftershave. A little goes a long way.
  • Do not constantly check your phone throughout your date.
  • Don't forget to have fun. Dating should be enjoyable not stressful.

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