How to Be a Guide on Animal Jam

Have you ever been a Non-Member? Think back to the time when you first started Animal Jam. It is almost certain that you had questions, or didn't know everything. It would have been great to have a "tour guide" to help you. Be that tour guide to another New Jammer. Teach them everything there is to know about Jamaa. They will be so grateful!


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    Get your look. Wear clothing that makes you look nice. Avoid wearing Spiked Collars, because they make you look rough and/or mean.
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    Show New Jammers around. You could do it in your own order, and you can decide which shops to show them. Don't forget to buddy them, so they can follow you around.
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    Teach them about trading. New Jammers need to know the dangers of trading. Explain to them that scamming is when other "horrible" Jammers steal your good items. Then, show them how to prevent getting scammed and how to recognize a scam. Tell and teach them how to get rid of scammers: reporting them for scamming. Make sure they understand this concept.
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    Educate them about earning Gems. All Jammers need to know what Gems are and how they are used. Show them the Sol Arcade and anywhere else there are games. Then, take them to Adventure Base Camp. Explain how adventures work, the point of doing adventures, and the Alphas and phantoms. Finally take them to shops and let them use their Gems. Be sure to show them how to recycle items. Note that you can't get the full value back from recycling items.
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    Show them how to get Diamonds. Finally, you can show the the Diamond Shop. Explain that there are only a few ways to get Diamonds. They can be earned through Daily Spin, and you can get Diamonds from codes. Show them the Diamond items that are Non-Member (if they are one, which they most probably are).
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    Let them know about buddies and Jam-a-Grams. Teach them how to add buddies and send Jam-a-Grams. Then, show them how to remove buddies and delete Jam-a-Grams. Explain that members have "free" chat on Jam-a-Grams, while Non-Members only have a select number of phrases to use.
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    Add some finishing touches. Add some finishing touches. If they are non-member, explain the "barrier" between members and Non-Members. If possible, give personal experiences. Tell them how to deal with the bullying. Teach them how to report and block "bad" Jammers, if you haven't already. Remind them to follow the rules of Jamaa. Lastly, show them the Jamaa Journal and the Daily Explorer. Be sure to tell them the purposes of each.
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    Teach them about rares and betas. Tell them what they are and how to tell them apart from regular items. Show them examples, if you have them.


  • Encourage the Jammer on everything. Congratulate them when they are able to do a task, and check in with them often. Ask them if they understand, and if they need more explanation. Be sure to compliment their den and looks.
  • If you are feeling exceptionally nice, give them some items in their favorite color. They will really feel grateful for you, and eventually, you will get a great reputation.
  • Try to wear non-member clothing, have a non-member den, and use non-member items during a tour, if the person being toured is non-member. This will keep them from feeling the "barrier" as soon as they start out.
  • Show the person being toured (if they are a non-member) any downsides of memberships. Imply the fact that they are expensive, and not "worth" the money, so they don't feel bad.


  • If you aren't kind to the New Jammer, you can make them quit. This can also make you have a bad reputation in Jamaa.
  • If the Jammer misunderstands you, you might get reported. This can result in getting banned or suspended, for being a bully, or saying bad words.

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