How to Be a Homeless Newborn in Animal Jam

Want to be a homeless but adorable newborn in Animal Jam? This article will show you how.


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    Be a bunny, for example, if you are a newborn. Don't be of any other age; the newborn status can make you adopted in a jiffy!
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    Dress up. Wear a bonnet and an old cape, if you are a member. And if you are a non member, wear an old hood and an old cape. It is available in Hot cocoa hut in Mt. Shiveer
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    Look sad. The design and pattern depends on you -- but please, make it look very sad like having wounds, blood marks and freezing cold (frozen).
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    Go in Jamaa Township's road and say, "Is lost newborn and is only one hour old. Is homeless, hungry and tired." but if that doesn't get you adopted, go to the pillow room, and repeat these words, but also say some new and cute words
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    Say some things like. "Spare change peace/pweace!" Hides face in hood and raises tiny cup so can get food or money.
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    If you are a member, but a non member wants to adopt you, realize that you may go with them (on Animal Jam, only)! You are homeless and hungry so you don't have to care who adopts you! If you don't want to go, then say "Sorry miss, I can't go with you. I need a lot of money to be healed and fed cause. I never had any luxury so it will be hard for you to buy them for me." If they say, "No, I am rich. I am taking you." Make the crying emote!


  • You can say, "Happy tears come out of tiny adorable eyes".
  • Remove your old clothes when you are adopted and at your parents den to look cuter and pretty.


  • If a parent treats you badly, cry and run away, but pack a lot food from your old home; so, you will not starve afterward.
  • Beware of wolves: some might eat a newborn like you!

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