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How to Be a Karma Yogi (Religion of Love)

Karma Yoga is based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Sanskrit scripture of Hinduism. The word "Karma" is derived from the Sanskrit Kri, meaning "to do". Krishna advocates selfless action as the ideal path to realize the Truth (enlightenment, a life in the light). Bhakti Yoga is love to God and to the spiritual Master. Karma Yoga is doing good to the whole world, to love the whole world and all beings. Krishna taught Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga and Gnani Yoga (self-reflection and meditation). These three are the complete way of love. But most important for the world is the yoga of action, of doing good.

In the remainder of this article, you will learn how to start on the path of being a Karma Yogi, practicing the religion of love.


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    Live in inner peace and act with love for the happiness of all beings. For some people it is important to live in the outer peace, to achieve the inner peace. Basically, the inner peace is the result of a calm mind. A calm mind happens when you focus on yourself spiritually. By focusing on your own qualities, you focus on god, as Hindus embrace the term Aham Brahmasmi(one is inherently a part of god). This godliness is found by working continually to master your negative qualities, addictions, fears and aggressions, while simultaneously enhancing your positive qualities.
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    Find your personal balance of rest and action. Those who live in the inner balance, save their energy, their physical, and their mental health. If you strengthen not only the calmness in your life, but also focus on your inner positivity and love, you will grow into the light. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Constantly practice positive thinking, positive speaking, and positive actions.
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    Seek to contribute to making a happy world. When you facilitate the desire for a happy world, then you grow further towards enlightenment. The secret to this wish is the connection from the inner to the outer world. You are not spiritually separated from other beings. Their happiness affects yours. When you visualize other beings as happy, then you feel happy too. Those who encourage the goal to a happy world creates positivity within. When you send light to all beings, then one day light will come through to your soul. When you do something good for the world, the world will reward you with a positive psyche.
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    Make inner happiness, not outer happiness the center of your life. If you follow the two principles of spiritual practice and love for all beings, you will transform your mind. Your inner tension will dissolve and happiness will appear. The longer you live and the longer you practice Karma-Yoga, the more you grow into the light.
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    Do the following meditation to solve your tensions and find inner peace:
    • 1. Globe = Visualize the earth beneath you, rub the earth with your feet and think, "May all beings be happy. May the world be happy."
    • 2. Television = Which person on television today touches you negatively or positively? Clean the energetic connection, visualize this person as a Buddha or an angel. Give him or her a positive sentence. Think of the sentence as a mantra until you have overcome all attachment or rejection. Everything you see outside makes a knot in your soul. Create harmony in your mind. The first step to happiness is to create a positive world in your mind. Move a hand and send all the people in the television light: "I send light to .. I wish him / her wisdom, love and happiness. May all people on TV Buddhas, yogis and angels."
    • 3. Goddess = Rub your hands before the heart chakra. Visualize yourself as a Buddha, Goddess or Christian: "I am a Goddess (Buddha, Christian). I go the way of the positive. I live in peace, love and happiness."
    • 4. Enlightened Masters = Rub the hands over your head and ask the enlightened masters for guidance and help. Connect yourself spiritually with their energy, "Om all enlightened masters. I ask for guidance and help on my spiritual way."
    • 5. Mantra = Put your hands together in your lap, move your feet and think many times the mantra "Om Shanti" in your body, your legs and in the whole world. Stop every thought for a minute. Relax. Live as a Karma-Yogi in peace, love and happiness.
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    Practice daily your positive qualities. Be an angel for the world, "I send light to ... May all people be happy. May the world be happy."


  • There are two great goals a human can have. He or she can seek enlightenment or work towards a happier world. At best, we combine the two.
  • recognize the good that you can do with your hands, look for mentors in everyone and always be on the lookout to improve your skills.
  • The Dalai Lama[1] explains, “live balanced by helping and by meditating.“
  • Swami Shivananda[2] said, “love, serve, give, meditate, purify, and realize your true self.”
  • Sai Baba[3] said, “helping hands are holier than lips which pray.“ Those who work towards happiness for all beings is holier than the yogi who only searches for self-enlightenment.
  • One example of a Karma Yogi: Amma was born in 1953 in India.[4] Her full spiritual name is "Mata Amritanandamayi", which means “mother of bliss-energy”. She began her spiritual journey at the age of five, praying to Krishna everyday. While working, she repeated mantras silently and found enlightenment at the age of 17. At first her enlightenment was unstable, but by the age of 22, the light flowed into her being. She became a Buddha as she developed this full state of enlightenment. Her inner voice told her to help everyone on earth to follow the spiritual path to self-realization, to become a sort of mother of all beings. She taught the way of all-encompassing love, meditation, and yoga. Amma built up an extensive humanitarian organization in India. She financed schools, universities, and hospitals. She also set up an organization for single mothers which gave enough money for them to live, which is quite extraordinary in India. Amma also engaged herself in the efforts towards equality for men and women. She renewed the Brahma cult. Brahma is the Indian god of wisdom. Equal at his side is Brahmani, the priestess of the comprehensive love. She is also called Saraswati, the goddess of science, arts and creativity. Amma was a living proof of the ability women possess to achieve enlightenment, equal to that of men.
    • She said that in today’s world people suffer from two kinds of inadequacy. The first is a lack of nourishment, and the second is a lack of love. We need to overcome both types of poverty. In order to fight wars, people spend billions. If only a small portion of that could be invested in peace and harmony, all the hunger and poverty in the world could be overcome. More than a billion people on earth suffer from hunger and poverty. That is actually the biggest enemy of humankind. When we develop love in ourselves, then we can really defeat the enemy that is suffering and misery.


  • There is a danger along the path of unconditional, all-encompassing love. We can overwhelm ourselves and work too hard and have no energy left for happiness. A karma yogi must practice rooted in inner peace. A karma yogi must take care of himself or herself, as it is impossible to take care of others unless the self is cared for. Furthermore, a path of exhaustion only leads to burn-out, not enlightenment.

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