How to Be a Mature Preteen Online

If you're a preteen, you might worry that people will be unkind or talk down to you on the Internet due to your age. However, it is entirely possible to avoid this by acting mature online. Being mature takes some practice, and you'll need to take a lot into consideration, but eventually it will become second nature. You will also have higher self esteem.


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    Never bully. Bullying is the number one sign of immaturity. Sometimes it can take time to learn to deal with conflicts effectively, but learning to restrain from bullying other people online will help you seem more mature online and will also help you in the long run. A good way to start out is by figuring out what qualifies as bullying. Think about online bullying in your own terms, not someone else. Bullying means something different to everyone, but in general it means being mean in any way.
    • If you feel tempted to bully someone online, think of tactics to help you restrain. Distance yourself as much as possible from the person bothering you, take a deep breath, and step away from the keyboard to calm down.
    • Think before you post. Be sure to be as kind as possible, and don't write a message when you're angry. If it will help you release some of your anger, it's okay to type a mean message to someone. Just make sure you don't post it. If you are about to post a message, think about what it says and how those words could be interpreted before you post.
    • If you are the one being bullied, realize that it's not your fault. Often people bully because they have low self esteem. So don't beat yourself up about it. Just ignore, save it, or tell an adult.
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    Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. To adults, there is nothing more annoying than improper grammar and/or spelling on the internet. Remember that even when you're doing something as inconsequential as commenting on a YouTube video, or something as important as writing a wikiHow article, proper capitalization, spelling and a general good use of the English language will always help you seem more mature. If you aren't a good speller, don't let it be an excuse. Use a free online spell checker.
    • Proofread before making a post online. Sometimes, you might accidentally make an error in spelling, grammar and/or punctuation, so proofreading is exceedingly helpful.
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    Help out as much as possible. If you've been around a site for a while, try to find ways that you can help people out. If they're new, take an interest in them and help them learn the ropes of being included on the site. If someone who's been around even longer than you needs an extra pair of hands setting up a page or conquering a level of game, be the one who helps them out. Helping people out is not only a good way to show everyone that you're mature, but it's also a great way to gain new skills both online and offline.
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    Don't brag. When people are insecure, they often feel the need to show off how good they are at the little things. When you do this, it often just comes off as immature. Let your accomplishments speak for themselves. If you work hard and improve at whatever you're doing, you won't need to brag because people will know who you are anyway. When you brag, you develop a reputation as annoying and full of yourself, but when you're modest and hardworking, you will eventually earn the reputation you wanted in the first place.
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    Use common sense. In general, your gut reaction to things is the right reaction. Sometimes your personal thoughts can fog your common sense, but if you try to see through to your common sense you'll realize that in general if you think something is wrong, it probably is. If you think something is dangerous, it probably is. And if you think it's wrong or dangerous, don't do it!
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    Be friendly. Even when other people aren't kind to you, you should always be kind to them. When you think about the way you react to other people's immaturity, you might realize that your reactions are taken the same way. By being more mature, even when it's annoying and hard to accomplish, it will always make you feel good about yourself and portray you as mature.
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    Learn to deal with rude people. In the same way that there are rude people offline, there are plenty of rude people online as well. If you receive a rude message, step away from your computer and take a few minutes to calm down before deciding how you should respond. Never respond rudely; always be polite in your responses.
    • Understand that sometimes no response is the best response. Sometimes it's better not to reply at all than to send a rude reply (even a polite one wouldn't do the trick).
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    Be assertive, but refuse to be rude when doing so. Always stand your ground and be firm in your points, yet polite.


  • Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. Sometimes, you have to do the right thing even if you think what you need to do isn't mature. Just do it and you will be the bigger person.
  • Take responsibility for your actions. If you accidentally hurt someone's feelings, for instance, admit that you did it, then apologize. Immature people are usually liars, and no one likes a liar.

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