How to Be a Quality Mystery Shopper

Being a good mystery shopper isn't hard; just follow some basic steps of how you can pave your way to being a top-picked shopper!


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    Be objective: Objectivity is key when writing your mystery shopping reports. The clients of Mystery Shopping Companies desire information that facilitates the creation of beneficial training programs and well-rounded customer service practices. Clients are not so much concerned about how you felt, but more so what actually occurred during your mystery shop. (FACTS over FEELINGS).
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    Prepare for your mystery shops BEFORE the actual day you are assigned: Make sure you read over your mystery shop instructions several days in advance so you have enough time to contact your scheduler in case you have any questions or concerns about performing your shop. View the "How to Prepare for a Mystery Shop" article for some quick tips!
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    Organize your mystery shopping jobs: You will find it to be beneficial if you organize each of your assignments by date. This way, you know which shops you are supposed to perform on each day; by doing this, you will eliminate the risk of accidentally forgetting one of your shops.
    • What may also help your organization is keeping separate folders for each company you perform mystery shops for. By keeping records of the mystery shops you do for each company you will be able to more easily access your shop information in case there is a problem with one of your reports.
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    Keep your shopper information up to date: Make sure your contact information (phone number, home address, email address) is always current so your Mystery Shopping Provider knows where/how to get a hold of you and so you are able to view the current open mystery shops in your area.
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    Be Reliable! A very large part of being a quality mystery shopper is sticking to your word and performing the shops you take on. If you do not perform your mystery shop on the exact day that you choose when you sign up for it, you risk your shop being cancelled and it becoming invalid. If you are unsure of which day you should perform your shop, contact your Mystery Shopper Provider and confirm your assignment date. Keep in mind, that the Mystery Shopper Providers have strict client deadlines, so it is always in your best interest to perform the mystery shop on the correct day!


  • Remember, the more shops you perform, the easier they become! You will get the hang of posing problems and creating situations for specific mystery shops and will feel more comfortable taking on more assignments.
  • If you are skeptical about signing up for mystery shopping, please read over the "How to Find a Legitimate Mystery Shopping Company" article so you are aware of how to spot a scam! Then, bounce over to the "How to Apply to be a Mystery Shopper Article" to see how to get started!

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