How to Be a Sly Person

Being sly helps you on the streets, and in your social life. If you feel like telling people too much, or say a lot of silly things, read on!


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    Wear dark clothing that covers a good part of your face or body. Do NOT mask your face, as you will be seen as a strange person. Avoid full masks, but hoodies and sunglasses are all okay!
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    Be secretive. If you have done something, pretend you haven't done it and walk away. If you feel eager to tell someone about it, tell your diary or sole confidante. It might be a blow off if after committing something bad, staying there and watching!
    • This way, people will know less about you. When they do find things out about you, they might be surprised. (For example, if you never mention that you take piano lessons, people will be surprised if you are caught playing a difficult song in a practice room!)
    • Do good deeds when no one is watching. If you're doing it in the recipient's presence, try helping them out and then slipping away when their back is turned.
    • Make a game out of disclosing as few details as possible.
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    Carry some money. Scam people off, but don't do it too often. Let people nag around before sharing any of your money. This will show them that they have to "deserve" your attention, as they will act more respectful to you.
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    Scope out a room when you enter it. Where are the exits? Where is people's attention focused? This way, if you want to slip out, you can do so more easily.
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    Don't speak. Being quiet and just listening helps you build upon your shrewdness. Being a quiet and laid back person gives you a strong trait, and will also show people that you are a little bit mysterious. Sly people need a lot of information, and this is a great chance to record what your friends are saying.
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    Be mentally strong. A person that runs around, trying to please everyone, will never be sly. Do NOT do actions that you feel uncomfortable about. Be the leader or the loner, not the wimp!
    • Some people won't like you. Shrug it off. That's their problem.
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    Look after your health. Part of projecting an image of strength is staying physically and mentally at your best. Keep your body clean, hydrated, and free of pollutants such as cigarettes and alcohol. This suggests that you have a lot of strength and willpower.
    • Get exercise every day. Try things like jogging, swimming, hiking, or biking. Make it a routine to get an endorphin rush.
    • Eat well. Find fruits and vegetables that you like eating, as well as whole grains. Moderate intake of sweets and sugary drinks.
    • Get enough sleep and downtime. Take your relaxation time very seriously. A rested mind is a sharp mind.
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    Pretend like you should be doing something more important at the moment. Bearing a thoughtful glance will make people wonder what you are thinking about, as it will give you the same strong trait. If you don't feel interested in what your friends are talking about, do not pretend to either! Give short answers like "All right." or "I don't know."
    • People will assume that short answers mean you don't want to talk. If you do want to talk, give longer answers or use nonverbal cues (such as smiling and making eye contact) to let them know you like talking to them. They will come to recognize this as your style.
    • If you don't have something "important" to do, that's okay. Maybe your secret important activity is watching movies with popcorn this evening. Take your free time seriously.
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    Treat everyone with dignity—especially those who are struggling or looked down upon. Pick up the books that someone dropped in the hall, and walk the girl with Down Syndrome to lunch so that she doesn't get bullied. People have respect for those who do good deeds, and they may wonder why you do what they do. A good reputation can make you somewhat untouchable.
    • The only people to look down upon (if anyone) are the bullies who choose to behave badly.
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    Read books and watch movies with sly characters in them. Pay attention to their mannerisms and philosophies. Are there aspects you'd like to use for yourself? Is there one who would make a good role model?
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    Be serious. Do not joke around too much, as you will be less aware of what you say. Try to hold your ground, as you talk clear and calmly. Having a sharp look from a time to another will make people respect you.


  • Be clever, Always think a way round something.
  • Don't give away secrets.
  • Pretend to be innocent.
  • Be kind and sharp.
  • Shrewd and sly men and women are all mentally strong people. Before jumping right into it, practise being a strong and self-confident person. Without any strong traits, you will never be seen as a sly person.


  • Being specific and strong doesn't mean that you should be nasty. Try giving people a slight smile when talking to them, and answer them in the right way. You will never earn respect being a mean person.

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