How to Be a Teen Guidette

Do you want to be like the guidettes who made it famous on Jersey Shore, but still want to be classy? You're only a teenager so some things that they show on Jersey Shore, are not suitable for your age group. Keep reading for tips on how to be the most gorgeous teen guidette ever!


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    Don't be trashy! No matter how old you are, being trashy is never okay! A lot of guidettes can be trashy or inappropriate, but some guidettes are very responsible & classy.
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    Remember, it will be hard to pull off the Guidette look if you are not Italian! It is best to be at least 3/4 Italian. If not, people may look at you as a poser! However, Snooki pulls off the Guidette look pretty well, & she is Chilean!
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    Have gorgeous, long, shiny hair. Most Guidettes either have dark brown hair or black hair. You can't be a blonde or a red head. It just won't work! Again, you have to be Italian...& most Italians have dark hair. Also, I suggest straightening your hair for an everyday look. If you don't have long hair, try out extensions! Make sure that they don't look fake though. I recommend trying out Luxy Hair Extensions or Hello Gorgeous extensions.
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    Wear flattering makeup! For school, use foundation, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara, and a light pink lipstick/lip balm.(Snooki uses MAC lipstick.) Also, false lashes are optional, as long as they are natural looking. Nothing too bold!! Don't wear anything too dark or heavy.
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    Always be tanned. In the summer, tan outside almost every day! If you can handle it, then use SPF 4 or SPF 8. (That will help you get a deeper tan.) Also, use a self tanner. Just make sure that you do not look orange! Try to look brown.
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    Wear cute, designer clothes. You do not have to buy anything really expensive though. Wear Victoria's Secret PINK sweats, Ed Hardy, bebe, Armani Exchange, Guess, Juicy Couture tracksuits, etc. Wear skinny jeans, yoga pants, lounge outfits, bodycon dresses/mini skirts, etc.
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    Have fashionable accessories! (BIG Hoop earrings, cross necklaces, Louis Vuitton purses, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci hats & purses, Prada, Chanel earrings, so on.) In the winter, wear Uggs almost everyday! Have at least 3 of them. Try to buy some Snooki Slippers as well for lounging around the house.
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    Be fit & healthy, but still enjoy some real Italian food. & if you are a REAL Italian...remember, it ain't sauce... it's called gravy!
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    Always have blinged out nails, gel nails, or french tips.
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    Slang. Use words like grenade, yo, yous, hon/honey, etc. Do NOT sound fake though.
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    Confidence. You can't be a real guidette without confidence! So Do NOT be shy! You can be sweet, but not shy. For example, Sammi from Jersey Shore is sweet & a nice person, but she's not too quiet.


  • Jersey is NOT pronounced "Joysey." It's pronounced "Jerzey."
  • Have a nice group of friends to hang out with.
  • If you don't have a New York/Jersey/Philly accent, then do NOT fake one! If you do have a REAL one, then great!
  • Don't be someone you're not!
  • It helps if you live/were born in a North Eastern place to be a Guidette. Ex. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania(especially Philadelphia), etc. You may seem like a wanna-be if you are not from the Northeast or Mid Atlantic area.


  • Use heat protectant when you use any heat appliances to your hair!
  • Remember, you are still a kid. Don't do something that you may get in trouble for.
  • Don't do bad in school just because it may seem cool. It's not cool.
  • Don't do drugs, smoke, or drink!

Things You'll Need

  • Designer purses
  • Some makeup. (Brands like MAC, Clinique, NARS, Too Faced, etc.
  • Tracksuits & sweats
  • Dark, shiny, & long hair.

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