wikiHow to Be a Winner in Life

In life, there are winners and losers. The thing is, one person's win doesn't always have to be someone else's loss. You can learn to always be a winner in life.


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    Be Optimistic. The opposite of a winner is a loser. And someone who always sees the bad stuff that happens to them (and fails to appreciate the good stuff) is always losing.
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    Be thankful for what you've got. How can you feel like you're losing at the game of life when you Live in the Moment and appreciate so much around you?
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    Be Bold. You can't gain anything if you don't take risks.
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    Be Confident. You`re not going to feel any better about yourself when you only think about your flaws. Try to find the good things out of a bad situation.


  • Try to save as much money as you can. Live in an apartment the first few years you get out on your own and work, and try to use the bus to get around. Try to live debt free, not using a credit card ever. Save up as much as you can to give yourself more options.
  • Word hard, but give yourself plenty of time each day for rest and relaxation. Try to keep your working time 100% busy and powered up, and your relaxation time 100% calm and powered down.
  • Success comes most prominently after failure. For example, Google created a few failing programs before it finally developed Google Analytics. Through failure a person can learn many important lessons, but only if that person applies himself to learning from that mistake.
  • Motivation doesn't last, but neither does bathing. This is why we bathe every day. Renew your inspiration every day. Check out Ted Talks, Infinite Waters Diving Deep, Dr David R Hawking, and other inspiring materials to boost your confidence and help you win.
  • Look forward. If you can see the game squares ahead, plan for them. If not, plan anyway. Be prepared, and be careful of competition and find willing teammates. Watch out for what they're doing, and make sure to keep up.
  • The most successful, happy people in the world are also some of the most selfish. Look out for yourself and do whatever makes you happy without concern for other people. It may sound wrong, but it's the cold, hard truth.
  • Center your life around something that matters and something that is much greater than yourself. Don't base your self worth on the opinions of others.
  • Get a job you hate with long hours, and quit that job in the late spring when the mornings are soft and warm. On your first day off, wake up just before the sunrise and get a cup of your favorite beverage, like fresh coffee. Go outside, feel the fresh breeze on your face, and watch the world wake up. Take a long sip from your tasty beverage and thank god that you're alive.

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