How to Be an Average 8th Grader

You're having some trouble adjusting to a new school? Or are you just one of those kids who feel like an outcast. Well today is your lucky day! If some of these tips don't really feel like you then don't do them. You're not going to be that perfect average 8th grader. Or whatever grade your in, this can help you.


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    Wear a small amount of makeup. This doesn't mean cake it on your skin, just because you have a few pimples. Some foundation, blush, and a little eye shadow never hurts anyone. If you're feeling brave, try some mascara and eyeliner. If you don't know how to put anything like this on, search for it on YouTube.
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    Pick out some nice clothes. If your wardrobe smells, and your clothes aren't as nice as you would like, ask your mom or dad to take you shopping. Or save up some money (birthday money, do some yard work), and then go shopping with a friend. If you can't afford some of the clothes, buy the knock off brands.
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    Keep your school supplies nice and neat. Don't have all of your papers and homework crumpled up with food stains on them. Keep they nice and neat in a binder pocket or a folder. Do all your homework the night before their due, unless, for example, on Monday you get a homework assignment and its not due till Friday. Do it Wednesday or Tuesday. Don't wait until the last minute.
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    Get some bracelets or necklaces (Any jewelry will do), and match it with your outfits.
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    Take a shower, wash your face, and brush your teeth daily. If you don't shower often, you tend to smell bad and your hair will look greasy. Will is not attractive by no means. Wash your face so zits won't come as often. Some good brands are Neutrogena, Clearasil, etc. And if your going to be wearing makeup, you need to wash your face daily, as well as moisturizing it. It can become dry and flaky and covered in pimples and zits. You don't want that. Brushing your teeth is a must. In the morning,you wake up with bad breath and you will honestly scare people away.So always brush your teeth everyday in the morning and in the evening. The smile is what most people see, and with white teeth, your smile will be brighter.
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    Have a nice book bag. It doesn't have to be one of those high priced ones from Victoria Secret. A regular one will do. Just don't have one ripped to shreds.
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    Don't do a ponytail every day! Straighten it one day, Curl the next, even crimp or braid it. Possibilities are endless.
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    Have a great year and stay out of the drama. Find yourself a group of real friends you can be you around. Don't settle for the rude and snobby people.

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