How to Be at Peace With Your Life (Teens)

Teen years are the most memorable years in one’s life. It's important to make sure that these years aren't just spent partying, disappointing people, spreading rumors, and obsessing about yourself. Here are a few ways to be at peace and satisfaction with your teenage life.


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    Choose wisely. It is not always easy to make the best choices and decisions when you are young; do the best that you can. Remember what you've done wrong and try to repair the past. If you were a bully, make sure you tell everyone and try to sincerely fix the mistakes you've made. Your apologies should range from minor to drastic depending on the issue (minor would be something like saying you're really sorry, but drastic would be hospitalizing someone or forcing them into personal physical harm)
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    It's all about choices that you make. Making a mistake is okay, but repeating it is not. Learn from your mistakes and others', and remember to actually think before you speak. It can be hard, but pipe down and make decisions with your mind, not your mouth. You could regret what you said, whether it's 10 seconds or 10 years after you said it.
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    Be honest with yourself. Being untruthful creates tension between people, so even when the truth is painful, it is still the truth. Choose your words carefully as the words we use have a different effect on each person, especially as a teenager. You can really hurt people with just words - bullying isn't just physical, but emotional as well. Make sure you're not upsetting people with what you're saying.
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    Do not be afraid to say "No". Do not allow yourself to be pushed or bullied into a situation that you are not comfortable with. If you have to say no, walk away, or allow yourself to calm down. As a teenager, no matter who you think you are, peer pressure can get to you and tear you down mentally. If you don't want to do something, don't do it.
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    Have some alone time. Even though teen years may be all about events, parties, shopping and exams, set time aside for you. Sort out all the good things that you have done and the few things that might have been done a little better. This will allow you the opportunity to prepare for future events. After all, there is no perfect in life and experience will always remain the best teacher.
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    Share and be open. Teen life and high school is full of turmoil, so just let loose and share. What you participate in won't be any use to your peers in the near-by college life, so just do you. When you have a bad day or heard a nasty rumor about you, don't beat yourself about it. Talk about it with your friends or siblings, and maybe even your parents.
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    Taking risks is not a good plan, but there is no need to be afraid to try new things. Be patient with yourself and others and allow yourself the freedom to adapt to new experiences. Try joining the chess club, even if you are the head cheerleader. If you are into sports then try making a home movie in your free time; this will give you a taste of both sports and art.
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    Stand out. The best way to be at peace with yourself and have no regrets is being different; the only way to be different is to be yourself. Make your own rules on how to maintain your life! Begin with responsibility and common sense, and fill in the rest as you live your life. Be yourself, because, once again, it won't matter in college! You'll feel much more comfortable living in you own skin. Who else are you going to be?
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    Don't take dating too seriously. Don't destroy yourself over a breakup. It's just high school, and you probably wouldn't marry the person if you were still with them. Make these decisions with your mind, not your heart. Make sure you're not getting too serious, either.
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    Appreciate your home. Home is the place where you have time to relax, rewind, and look back at the events of your day. There is no place like home, so try helping your parents, doing chores or just singing in the bedroom. Here, you can text your friends, meditate, play a video game - almost whatever you'd like.
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    When you are in love, or like someone, take your time! You are young and have the rest of your life ahead of you; there is no need in attempting to live your life in a single day, as tomorrow is another one. There are probably over a hundred and one things that can go wrong when you rush into love. Falling in and out of love is a natural step in life, a wonderful experience, some of which are unpleasant and some that will remain with you throughout your life. Remember, love is a rose, it has its blossoming head and its thorns.


  • Live your own life! Don't be caught under the pressure, swim up and breath when you need to.
  • It is okay to be embarrassed once in a while, but instead of getting upset, laugh about it the best you can. Just imagine how silly you must have looked!
  • Don't try too hard, relax, take a deep breath, and let things take their course. Wing it if you want to!
  • There is no point in creating problems in your life, as you will only waste valuable time is correcting them. Make sure your life is how you want it to be.


  • Do not let rumors interfere with your friendships. If your friends believe them, they're not your friends.
  • Do not make promises that you cannot keep. You might ruin trust and friendships.

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