wikiHow to Be Attentive in Class

To be attentive in class, is a problem faced by most teenagers, well, once you really know how fun studying is, all you wanna do would be - attentive in class.


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    Have a set of colorful pens on your box. Whenever the teacher tells something crucial, write it up. Each important point must be written in with different colors which ll be fun writing plus, you learn a bit while writing.
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    If the whole students are extremely bored about the class, of course you tend to get bored too. Never think that the teacher isn't noticing that, so try to stay a bit more focused, which can give your internal grades a shine.
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    Try to make yourself curious about what is going to happen next.
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    Make a column in your personal diary mentioning your progress each day. Add a column mentioning how attentive you were each day, and flipping through those pages you can clearly see in which class you were least attentive and you could give yourself a try next day, to make your attention towards class better.
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    Ask any doubts you want about the specific subject to the specific teacher. Doubts which are cleared at the class itself would help you remember it.
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    Make your future plannings. If there's a career you are interested in, to achieve the goal, you must have good grades in all subjects. So stay attentive to make your dreams come true about your future.
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    Connect the topics you learn in the class with your life and see the consequences. This will be fun and you can do it only when you are attentive in class.
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    Remember that your grades are greatly based on your attention in class.


  • Keep colored pens with which you can mark up the important points told in class
  • Connect the chapters taught with your daily life examples
  • in biology,you can find samples of plants around, so you can learn yourself too.


  • Don't give any expression that makes your teacher know that you are extremely bored but ask doubts and let your teacher know you are interested about the further topics too.
  • While learning science, you can collect samples of things you are learning and let the class observe it, plus teacher gives extra grades for this.

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