How to Be Close to God

Regardless of our religion or beliefs, we share an urge to be close to the ultimate creator of everything we know (and everything else). Nearness to God shall bring much joy, tranquility, freedom and self-empowerment to both its seeker and obtainer.


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    Stick to the truth. It's easier said than done, but it's the prerequisite to gain any sort of spiritual enlightenment. Until your environment has lies, you aren't heading anywhere near to God. Begin by identifying all previous lies/half lies/half truths you have said or displayed, and rectify them quickly since they might lead to lie further lies and half-truths. Become fearless to the consequences of telling plain, bitter, truths in an untwisted manner. Once speaking the truth becomes a habit, it is much easier.
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    Eliminate your ego. Your knowledge, your wisdom, your intelligence, your wit, your body, your education, your nationality, your wealth are all gifts of God to you. You don't own it, and inevitably, will lose it one day or the next (you'll die, won't you?).
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    Care for and about all things. It makes all the difference between good and bad people. Care for little things of whether people around you are comfortable, or hungry, or whether your friends have done the homework, etc. Don't ever be happy at someone's failure or misfortune, even if (s)he is your adversary.
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    Clear your debts. Ever since we were born, we have been indebted to many people. Our parents took care of us when we were capable of nothing. you can read this article because your teacher taught you abecedary. It's time to pay them back with your love, care and generosity.
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    Keep your word. Deals and promises aren't cheap terms. They rest on the prime foundation on which human civilization rests: trust. The character of a just man is that always is true to his word.
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    Speak and act with kindness. Use the kindest and the most understanding words you know. Pay attention on the tone and volume and keep the voice level even and controlled. Though situations can be annoying, maintain restraint. It is a true that a raised temper hasn't solved many problems.
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    Don't speak about religion. Religious talk tends to have a reverse effect on ones spirituality. One might practice a religion personally, but discussing it surely creates ill-will and distance from God.
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    Be overly generous. Generosity is one of the great attributes of God we all identify well with. We like generous people. Generous people are admired for their spirit of self-sacrifice. God loves generous people. Keep in mind that everything with you belongs to God, and your generosity is a result of your indebtedness and thanks.
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    Maintain hygiene. It helps keep the mind clear of the things that take you away from God. Being clean will remove laziness and procrastination of any thing you must do. It is said "an idle mind is the devil's workshop"!
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    Love your family, friends, colleagues and everyone else. These are the people through whom God shapes your life.
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    Pray daily. After all that God has done for you in the past, and for all you have become, reciprocate and offer sincere thanks. Remember: You have no closer relationship, no relationship more intimate, than the relationship between you and God.


  • Though a person may not proclaim to believe in God and his existence, (s)he might act kindly toward all creatures of the earth and be a valued person in the community. (S)he might, in fact, be much closer to God than a person who prays everyday and attends services each week, but fails to honor and respect others.

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