How to Be Comfortable at Work

This seems absurd, but there are actually a few strategies that you can follow on a daily basis to stay relaxed during your working hours. Do not assume that you're stuck with work-related stress, due dates and insomnia until you retire.


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    Keep your working hours separate from your spare time. Your life is complicated enough to complicate it further. Generally, there are only two situations: either you already have a working schedule, or you're on your own. In either of the two, you actually can keep things apart from one another.
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    Decide for yourself the appearance of your working space. There are two important things you must do in order to keep things functional and, still, make your space pleasant:
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    Set a clear line between work-related stuff and personal objects. If you have objects that you like less (like a big, old and noisy copy machine), find an irrelevant place for them. Conversely, gadgets of preference should be central.
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    Choose a desk you really like. It's important to have all your perspectives covered for this one.
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    Each and every hour, you need at least one small activity that is not connected to your work. It is even better if it's not connected to your computer either. Take a look at the weather outside, see if you can state which cloud is of which type.


  • Don't sit on your chair for more than half an hour without getting up. Find reasons to do so. Instead of disrupting you, it will help you focus in the next session and will give you a sense of reality that you generally tend to lose if you increase your working sessions.
  • If you're working at a computer, fix your eyes on the most distant object around you (a far-away building, that you can see on the window, your colleague's chair etc) every 10 minutes for 10 seconds at least. This is beneficial for your eyes and for your intellectual comfort on the long term.

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