How to Be Confident and Nice

Do you want to people to love you? Off with a great start? Then you're totally at the right place!


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    Smile. Smiling makes you more likable. Giving a warm smile to anyone will make them feel more comfortable and friendly. But don't try to force a smile as it appears unnatural! Smile makes us feel more better and creates trust and loyalty. Let people know that you're friendly and open by giving a casual smile.
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    Don't Be Fake. Nobody likes a fake personality. Don't pretend to be someone else just to be more likable. Stop caring about how people think about you. If you change yourself for other people you are losing your identity. Try to spend more time with people who accept you for who you are and not for what they want you to be. Fake personalities do not make long term relationship after all and with identity one loses a sense of confidence in oneself.
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    Be Confident. Being confident is harder than it sounds.Do not care about what other people think about you.Life will be always full of obstacles, Some will tell you the wrong path and some right. So it's up to an individual to decide the right path. Society and people are made to judge! Always remember that, There are two choices of life- To get judged, To ignore. To be confident, To be shy.
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    Dress To Impress. Don't just be nice, look smart as well! The first impression goes from your clothing style and your looks so it's important to understand what clothes will suit you best.
    • Dress according to your personality as it reflects your lifestyle. For example: If you're sporty girl try wearing a t-shirt with brands name on it. Wear blue jeans with sneakers and a neat ponytail.
    • Dress according to your shape. For example: If you're fat don't wear too tight clothes and avoid jeans. If you're skinny wear rather tight clothes (not too tight).
    • Dress according to the occasion. For example: Don't wear so heavy dresses and too much of makeup and accessories for parties.
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    Be Confident not Annoying. Confident people often get egoistic or start being over-smart. Be Taylor Swift confident. Don't shout so much just to get attention. Or just start bragging about yourself about how confident and smart you are, Because that's the most annoying thing and people will eventually start disliking you! Don't start gossiping or talk about people behind their back That doesn't really give a good impression to anyone.

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