How to Be Cool Around Your Kids

Has your kid ever said that you were a geek? Do you get mad at yourself when your kids get mad at you for being "Uncool" and using old slang? What about when you hear them talking and you don't understand? If you answered "Yes", then you need to learn, hence, this article is for you!


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    Dress appropriately. Buy some cool new clothes. Cool does not mean the whole rapper outfit. For example, instead of wearing your floral shorts and your old, torn up "The Monkees" shirt, or trying to dress like a rapper with baggy shirts, falling off your butt jeans and a gangster hat, wear nice, darker dress shoes, darker, well fitting jeans and a plain white dress shirt if you're a father. If you're a mother, try cute flats or cute high heels (Just don't wear hooker boots), flattering jeans (Any color, and, if you can pull them off, skinny jeans) for your body, a nice, fun-but-stylish-and-mature shirt (Pick a color that compliments your hair color, eye color, skin color etc.), and maybe a cute necklace and/or a bracelet. Hair doesn't really matter, just have a clean but fun, stylish cut, with a nice colour (In other words, not a strange color. Either dye it an average color, or let it be natural) so that, all in all, you are stylish. Those outfits are cool and stylish. You can be stylish and mature at the same time. Don't wear high socks or short shorts. You don't want to embarrass your child when you drive him or her to school.
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    Listen to your child. Understand what he or she is saying. Get to know the vocabulary, like the following - Like, hey, wassup, yo, dude and others. Your child does not want you to sound like a teen, but you must understand what is said when talking. You can use some of the language in moderation, but, you know, don't greet your kid's friends saying "Yo, wassup, radical dude?!" Because that isn't how anyone cool talks. That's just freaky. Also, remember that words/sayings come and go as being cool. Even if the saying "He-ey" was cool in the 70's, it really isn't now.
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    Learn about youth culture. Look up on the internet about new things. Learn about teens from the newspaper or on television.
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    Respect privacy. Develop trust and responsibility with your child. Talk without prying into everything. If he or she wants you to know something, your child will tell you. Do not talk about your child to other children unless you have their permission first.
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    Offer to give your child and a few friends a ride home from school rather than making them ride the bus. As you ride, try not to talk about their private life. Talk about school, new movies and new music.
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    Reward good behavior. Buy them a small gift for being nice to their little sister. Buy the little sister a small gift when she is nice to her big sister.
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    Protect your child. Provide a secure and stable home environment. Be a responsible adult role model as you support your child. Your child must know he or she is safe because you will always be there.
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    Treat your teens as house-mates. Make sure everyone has equal access to the living spaces, but that each also has a purely private space. Treat them with the same degree of respect you would require if you were sharing a house with non-family members.
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    Be a good parent. A kid may seem like they want nothing to do with you when you drop them off in your '84 Cadillac with Oldies playing full blast, but at the end of the day, when something goes wrong, they come to you for help. You are their first love, and they will always return to you for your aid and advice if you let them know you have it and will provide it.


  • Know about trends, and try not to follow them. Just because your kid is saying "like" and wearing skinny jeans doesn't mean you should.
  • Since this can't be stressed enough, remember, don't use slang! Old or new. If you want to, it must be in moderation.
  • Be up-to-date with technology. Don't go around thinking/saying "What's a cell phone?" or, "The nintendo64 is so high tech!"
  • Dress your age, but with a teenager twist.
  • Act your age, but, at the same time, think like a teenager/kid a bit, to understand your kids.
  • Don't try to embarrass them. It may make you laugh but it can be very damaging to their self - esteem and future social interactions.


  • Don't sneak into their room without permission
  • When your daughter has her period, don't phone people and tell them as she will be very embarrassed .
  • Let your daughter or son go out and have fun , just make sure they will be back for a certain time .
  • Don't kill yourself trying to be cool. Just be yourself, but with an extra touch of awesome!
  • Don't ever treat your kids like babies.
  • Don't use words like "gay," unless talking about a homosexual person.
  • Don't be so nosy

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