How to Be Cool on the Internet

The internet is an excellent tool that has a vast amount of users. People these days are all able to communicate in various ways with each other in communities such as forums, online video games, and chat rooms.

Being cool on the internet is just as hard as it is in real life, and it can be painful to cope with mean people labeling you as an irritating, obnoxious forum member. but luckily for you, you found this article.


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    Study your surroundings. Watch how people communicate in the forum. Learn from how they act. Also take this chance to prepare yourself for any rude people you may encounter.
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    Start posting/talking based on your research. If you cautiously start posting and hanging out, people will notice you more, and probably think you're cooler.
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    Learn from the jokes posted there. Don't just reuse peoples' jokes, but be inspired by their sense of humor.
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    Don't use text talk. Although it may seem cool to use words such as "thx", "btw", etc. it causes other people to think that you have no life and have to use "txt talk" to get your point across. Using the full word shows that you're smart and mature. The word 'lol' can be okay when used occasionally.
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    Don't log on for long amounts of time. Be offline for a certain amount of time, but at the same time, show that you are committed to the site by logging on.
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    Never join flame wars. Although it may feel cool to stand up for someone, never get involved because then you can make an enemy and risk having less fans.
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    Be good at what you do. If it's a website where basketball players can share drill ideas and all that other whatnot, be good at basketball so you have something to offer to the group instead of just being "there to steal ideas". If it's a writing website, improve your craft. However, if you joined the website to get good at something while not having that much skill, try to get to know everyone on there and treat people with an extensive amount of respect. Remember. Respect doesn't mean only having formal conversations. That can just be kind of awkward after a certain amount of time. Have fun too.
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    Read everything on the internet with an open mind. But be careful. Some people who might be looking for attention will try to see if they can win your approval or favour by posting absurd posts.
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    Know when to be serious and when to have fun.
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    Persevere in doing the above steps until you've achieved internet coolness. It may take some time, but it'll be worth it.


  • Don't always be serious. There's a difference between being cool, and being respected. If you're a normally random and fun person, chances are, people will like you more because you'll always make them happy. But if you're more on the mature side, people will know they can come to you when they have a problem. I know a bunch of cool people in the Internet, and not all of them are serious.
  • Before getting an account on something, study others and their posts. Find out what they like and dislike. Take note of things about them which interest you. For example, if it's a writing website, read what everyone posts. When you get an account and are a "newbie", tell them about what you have read, and what you like about their style, etc. They'll respect you more that way, and will be more inclined to do what you ask if you need a certain piece of information.
  • Believe in yourself, and in time, you will be cool.


  • Don't give out sensitive personal information. This is very unsafe and could compromise your real-life safety, or - in the event which you start experiencing cyber-bullying - could help further said cyber-bullying.
  • Having to deal with comments by mean people is no fun. If you receive a mean comment or constant rudeness by another user, then let the other person know that they're hurting your feelings. You may even consider reporting them to one of the site admins if serious enough.

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