How to Be Glamorous

Three Parts:Looking GlamorousDressing GlamorousActing Glamorous

The word "glamour" has its roots in spell-casting, sorcery and magical enchantment. Being glamorous is about feeling comfortable with yourself and your place in the world. Some consider the outward appearance, some consider their mind and intellect, others consider their sense of humor. No matter what it is, they are all equally important. As far as aesthetics go, or visual appearances, you want to create an illusion of fantasy and enticement, the spark you so badly want to reach out and obtain. If this sounds remotely alluring, read on my friend, you are well on your way.

Part 1
Looking Glamorous

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    Keep your body clean and tidy.
    • Take regular showers to keep your body clean and smelling fresh. Avoid overly scented soaps, as these may clash with perfume you use.
    • Use deodorant and anti-antiperspirant. Like with soap, avoid any with a strong scent.
    • Keep hair and nails appropriately trimmed and maintained.
    • Don't forget to brush your teeth after every meal too! You don't want food sticking out of your teeth.
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    Keep your face clean and clear.
    • Try your best to be blemish free. That means no acne, no pimples, and no bruises or scars. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but find the best way to take care of your skin.
    • If you have acne or pimples you should go to a dermatologist to try to find a skin product that works for you.
    • Keep your skin clean and clear by washing you face every day. You may or may not want to use soaps, as everyone's skin is different. Experiment to find a system that works for you.
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    Apply makeup only as you feel necessary.
    • Start with eyeliner. You should have either a a small amount of eyeliner or a medium amount of eyeliner. Trace the natural shape of your eye on the upper lash-line, and put a little "flick" at the end, it's a classic, always gorgeous look.
    • Find your exact shade of concealer, and use that under your eyes if you have dark circles, and anywhere you may have scars etc. Use foundation if you need extra coverage or if your skin tone is uneven.
    • To make your face appear more feminine, use a facial highlighter and apply on the high points of your face: your brow bone, your cheekbones, and the bridge of your nose.
    • Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
    • Using two eyeshadow colors, apply the lighter one all over the lid and the darker one in the crease.
    • Find a lip color that works for you and use it, make sure you use a moisturizer before applying lip color.
    • Choose one or the other if you plan on applying heavy makeup--eyes or lips.
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    Maintain your hair.
    • Your hair should be nice and clean.
    • Everyone's hair is different and unique, and all can be glamorous if you find the right style for your look. Don't be a stranger to volume!
    • Any color is also possible, just make sure that it is befitting your natural coloring. Any color is ok, depending on your style. However, avoid bright colors because they tend to fade and look cheap.
    • Your hair should be always shiny and healthy. This means using leave in conditioner and generally keeping it healthy, while also getting regular haircuts to maintain the ends.
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    Keep your nails looking perfect.
    • Keep your nails trim, smooth, and healthy.
    • Don't neglect your cuticles. Keep them smooth, healthy, and pushed back as necessary.
    • Paint your nails, when you can. When the paint starts to chip, take it off.
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    Stand up straight.
    • Maintaining good posture will make you look more confident and will also make you look taller. Plus, it's good for you!
    • Sleep on your back to help develop good posture, then maintain that straight back throughout the day.
    • Strong stomach muscles are what help you stand straighter, so workout if you need to.
    • You can also wear a back brace when you're at home to help train you to straighten your back.

Part 2
Dressing Glamorous

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    Coordinate your outfits.
    • Make sure that everything matches. This is way more important than having expensive clothes! Nothing says "glamour" like being put together.
    • Keep colors matching by using a limited palette. Choose the colors that look best on you and then stick to well-matching colors or color families (Purple/Blue/Green, Red/Orange/Yellow, etc).
    • Match styles as well. You don't want to mix a modern looking skirt with a vintage top or anything like that, as a general rule. While sometimes you can make it work and work well, it is easy to make it look off.
    • A good example is if you go running, wear a matching velour tracksuit, with sneakers that fit, and maybe a cute (matching) graphic tee underneath. It shows that even on your lazy days you are trying, or maybe you are so rich that this was the slouchiest outfit you could put together!
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    Wear clothes that flatter your natural shape.
    • Determine your body shape (pear, hourglass, etc.) and then wear clothes that are best for that body shape.
    • Different cuts of clothing can flatter different body types. For example, triangle body types, which have broad shoulders, should avoid clothes with shoulder padding or puffs.
    • Wearing clothes that flatter your shape will make you look good pretty much no matter what your body looks like.
    • Experiment to find what clothing cuts bring out your body's best features.
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    Always wear clothes that fit.
    • Clothing that doesn't fit can make you look fatter, lazy, cheap, or sick. Avoid clothes that don't fit in order to look healthy and amazing.
    • Don't wear clothes that are too big and hang off your frame, or clothes that are too small and create bulges.
    • You also want to avoid pants with a waist that is too low, as your bum will spill over when you move around and this will destroy your glamorous look.
    • When you try on clothes, take three different sizes of the same item with you, one up and one down (even if you're sure of what your normal size is). Never be afraid to grab more sizes if those don't seem to work.
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    Wear nice clothes.
    • Don't wear clothes that look cheap. Avoid cheap looking fabrics like very low quality fabrics such as pleather (fake leather) or lame, fuzzy/feather materials.
    • Opt instead for clothes made from fine fabrics like silk, satin, high-quality lace (like Chantilly), cashmere, or modal.
    • Your clothes should also be well maintained. Don't wear clothes with holes or stains. Keep them clean, wrinkle-free, and looking sharp.
    • Wear nice looking clothes even if you're doing things like running to the gym or doing errands.
    • Adhering to all the trends is not only expensive but can also make you look like you're trying too hard and create embarrassing photos of you in the future. Look timelessly glamorous by wearing classic styles.
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    • Trends to avoid include things like bell-bottom jeans, shoulder pads, or asymmetrical hem lines.
    • Instead, wear things like button-up shirts, knee length skirts, suits, and classic-cut dresses.
    • Look for inspiration to the look you are trying to achieve.
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    Don't dress down.
    • Never wear casual clothing if you can help it. Even your gym clothes should look nice.
    • For whatever you're going out to do, shoot for dressing just a little bit nicer than what would be normal for the situation.
    • Don't go over the top though, wearing a ball gown to a dinner party is way too much. This will just make you come across as clownish.
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    • Make sure that even if you cannot afford expensive clothes, you accessorize well so that you liven the clothes up and make the outfit look more expensive.
    • Wear earrings that are dramatic and have some sparkle or shine, but make sure that they fit the size and shape of your neck and face. You don't want them to look too big or too small.
    • A small, fancy necklace to wear all the time is good because it can make even casual outfits look more dressed up and intentional.
    • A diva-ish pair of sunglasses will never go wrong. Large sizes, like those popular in the 60s, look especially glamorous.
    • A shiny watch is almost mandatory! Just make sure it fits and if you have to, get links removed or added. Also, make sure it is a color that goes with everything in your closet and matches your skin tone.

Part 3
Acting Glamorous

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    Act confident.
    • While looking confident won't make you visually look more glamorous, it will affect how people perceive you. If you want to be perceived as glamorous and fit in, you'll need to look like you love yourself and are comfortable in the skin you're in.
    • You don't have to actually be confident but you do have to act like it (although you should learn to love yourself, and the rest will fall into place.) Most people, even if they seem really self-confident, actually are not, so don't feel bad.
    • Don't constantly apologize or defer to other people. Don't criticize yourself or put yourself down. A little self-deprecating humor is okay though.
    • Speak up for yourself, be kind and compassionate (not stuck up or offensive), have good posture, and don't be afraid to do things that make you stand out, like talking intellectually, or about things you are passionate about.
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    Keep your emotions level.
    • Getting overly angry or emotional can ruin the glamorous look, making you look immature or like a bit of a jerk. Can you imagine Audrey Hepburn being a jerk? No.
    • Never create a scene, yell at people who upset you, or generally get extremely sensitive about something that's going on. Be in control of yourself, emotionally as well.
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    Think before you speak, making sure not to offend anyone or showing you may be scatter-brained.
    • Speaking meaningfully, like acting confident, will help create the perception of glamour. The smarter you speak, the more classy and elegant you will seem.
    • An accent isn't necessary to make yourself seem more glamorous, so don't try to fake one.
    • Instead, use the best grammar and vocabulary that you can.
    • Practice speaking when you're alone, if that helps you to overcome bad habits.
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    Be glamorous to be seen.
    • Remember that since being glamorous is about creating a great first impression, make sure to use your manners, especially when meeting someone for the first time.
    • Every time you step outside your home into the public eye, strive to convey your image of glamour, but no matter what, stay true to yourself (people will respect you for it.)
    • Imagine that you have photographers following you around all day--if they're snapping pictures, what do you want them to capture? And is it glamorous?
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    Live a glamorous lifestyle.
    • You may not be able to hop on a jet and lounge on a Brazilian beach just like that, but you can be selective in your activities.
    • If you want to lead the glamorous life of an artist, for example, it's more fitting to hang out in coffee shops , discussing art history with like-minded people til the early hours of the morning than to go bar-hopping.
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    Make your home glamorous too.
    • For those on a budget, you can use classic pieces. Imagine an old Hollywood actress is helping you decorate, but don't be afraid to add color.
    • Stay away from multiple different patterns, it will be too loud and distracting. The key is to look classic and fairly modern with your d├ęcor.
    • Watch old movies to get ideas.
    • You can also go to your local antique store and find pieces that you like.


  • Feel glamorous and confident. You will never be able to get the attitude if you think of yourself as the average Joe.
  • Just because you're creating an illusion doesn't mean you have to lie. It's better to be mysterious and vague than to get caught lying, which will look desperate, not glamorous. Remember that you don't have to tell anyone anything, and not telling them will leave them wanting to know more.
  • Learn from your role model who you want to be more like. What do they do that makes them glamorous? Remember to focus on the positive things. Generally speaking, saying little and doing very little that would be considered gossip-worthy will give you a lot more glamour and mystery than trying to create an image you can't control involving other people, events, or substances (including gossip, rumors, sex, & drugs)
  • Be glamorous if you want to, not because of other people! If you are more of a gym-type person, then don't wear a tight dress and heels!


  • Don't insult, gossip, or be rude to people. If you do these things, you won't seem glamorous, you'll just seem like you are under false pretense.
  • Learn to love yourself, stay true to yourself, and stay down to earth.
  • People may insult or judge you, but if they're not close to you, who cares what they have to say anyway? Ignore them.

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